Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thought for the Day...

Seek not to propagate judgement, hatred, enmity nor adversity. Our words are very powerful and when used in the negative, we create a very negative stream of energy that serves as a magnet for more of the same. We can judge others and things around us but how can we know the truth when half truths are spoken by those repeating what they do not understand? Seek knowledge from reputable sources - see it before you believe it and then understand what you are seeing before you speak and when you speak, speak in positive words towards positive solutions. We can distrust and decry government, politicians, companies and blame everyone else in existence for all of the problems of this world or we can focus on our own hands in our undoing. Consider focus on self and righting self actions and self thoughts. Live and breathe an example of morality, kindness, compassion, wisdom, love and understanding and let that be the energy you spread out into this world. If nothing else, you will sleep easier each night when you retire knowing you seek to contribute to long-lasting and meaningful solutions instead of spreading the problem.  Remember, we create what we experience in this world. ~Blessings of infinite love and light!

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