Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hope for Greater Love and Learning

Glowing opalescent clouds surround the rising sun creating a beautiful display of silver, gold and white in front of me.  I am captivated wholly by the ethereal feeling washing over me as I drive.  So many thoughts of late have pulled me out of myself up and into the sky where I find solace and comfort.  It matters not whether it is day or night, I’m always looking up at the sky star gazing, watching the birds or the clouds as they crawl slowly across cerulean blue.  There is wonder and magic in this ordinary world as I have so often seen.  The poets write about it, the singers sing about it and the philosophers contemplate and postulate the meanings of all there is in existence.  Deep in the core of me, I truly understand why.  The movement of emotion in the soul as the energy surges when beholding a measure of beauty and amazement produced in this very ordinary seeming world is nearly beyond articulation.  It really isn’t so ordinary, you know.  There are so many things unseen that can drive a soul deeper into himself or herself.  We come here seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding but the hard part is, when we get here, we forget everything.  We forget the lives that came before, the things we have already experienced and learned and the very plans we come here to implement.  I find it funny in one way; frustrating in another.

The authors write of unexplainable things witnessed by the few and discounted by the many.  I’m not one of those who discounts anything really.  I may dismiss a few thoughts I don’t currently understand but as time passes and my life unfolds an experience will trigger a word or thought and memories of all the things that came before  release with fervor into my vision, my heart and my mind.  It’s hard to be a soul so often deeply infused with pure emotion and energy.  To articulate a single ounce of sentiment pumping through my veins takes so much effort at times.  This language we speak routinely on Earth is so very limited compared to the tomes of information sent in a single moment of feeling through the soul.  In a way, it is easier communicating soul to soul because understanding is instantly greater but not at first.  When trying to remember what the other languages are like, the brain must be retrained to its former understanding.  Then, learning to open up the centers in the body to allow the soul to feel for complete comprehension – well, its daunting to say the least.  However, once you’ve felt what it feels like and then later recall it, or you find your way to an opening in the veil on your own with focused attention it becomes so very difficult to rest plainly and unaware in this world on this side of the veil.

I sometimes think it is both gift and curse to understand mankind’s function here.  When you can see the truth behind hurtful words, when you can feel the reality behind mistaken actions and when you can see the light despite dark seeming intentions, I shake my head so very disappointed at times.  At others when the emotions are in check, I can detach and observe all the puzzle pieces moving trying to find somewhere to fit and even those taking what cannot fit and forcing into place they don’t belong and then I realize it is actually perfection in motion.  It isn’t easy to be here by any stretch of one’s imagination, especially once you become aware that there is something by far greater at work and with much more importance than making the most money, owning the biggest house in the nicest area, driving the best cars and having the perfect trophy spouse and hobbies or other things, etc.  These are superficial things that do nothing for the growth of your soul in the act of striving for or maintaining possession.  You gain more for your soul’s growth by determining why you want and need these things to feel okay.  The connections you make in this life by far outweigh in importance the things you own.  But we all have to find our own way to this conclusion and that is when everything becomes very interesting and infinitely more rewarding.

In my time here on Earth I have seen all manner of things.  From the simple and ordinary, mundane even to the heart shattering, life taking, depths of despair – war, human ugliness and everything in between.  One of the greatest and most impactful things I’ve seen here on Earth is the love extended from one soul to another.  Now that is inspiring to witness and in such moments I begin to believe there is hope for mankind yet.  If we cannot find a way to wake ourselves from our fit-full unaware dreaming, how can we move ourselves into the deeper realms of existence, fostering growth for ourselves and for those souls that follow us here?  Maybe it’s silly of me to think such thoughts but I worry often about the wake we leave behind us through time and in this space.  There is so much out there that matters more than politics and who said what about whom and who broke up with so and so and who was the victim and who was the villain.  I sometimes think we victimize ourselves with our own thoughts.  This design of humans and the ego is in itself an inherent challenge and we do love a challenge.  The trick is to not get caught up in the who or the what but the why or even the what.  Why do we do this and experience that?  What are we learning?  What are we teaching?  Who are we really at the hear of our souls?

We are complex, often self-centered and thoughtless of others as we traverse the paths of our lives and until we can find a way to change, this world will sadly be all that its ever been.  Societies and cultures come and go and we forget.  People come into and out of our lives with messages great and still we forget.  Would that I could I would bless every soul with the ability to remember themselves, remember their purpose and remember others.  Whispered wishes into the wind do not bring about change.  Its up to each individual to find a place where life takes on much more meaning than the superficial sparkling things (and I do appreciate sparkly things, however…).  I pray every day it happens for all now, in this moment for no other reason than it matters to me to find ways to minimize certain suffering.  To that end, I will close so you suffer my words no longer. J  I wish you bright, beautiful and loving blessings for your journey here on Earth.  Back to my sky gazing and feeling my way through the answers inside. ~Blessings dear souls!

(c) Jaie Hart, Photo/words

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