Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That Space Between Day and Night

I love that gentle feeling that washes over me after the sun has set.  When the last rays fade into cerulean blue and the clouds moving slowly across the sky begin to fade, there is that precious moment of the space in between daylight and night where so much of this world can be felt.  It is through that feeling that we begin to understand so much about ourselves, this world and our lives and, well, life in general.  I stand often watching as the last of the light as it fades into the black and then all the stars seem to flick on all at once.  Often I find myself thinking at such times that this is more than just a beautiful and amazing world.  There is so much within our grasp in terms of comprehension if only we wanted to comprehend.  There is so much joy that could be had if only we wanted joy.  There is so much love that could be ours, if we only truly wanted that love.  The truth is, these things are everywhere all of the time and we just can’t see.  It’s hard work sometimes to finally see the truth about something.  It requires our participation and more.  There is always a great price to be paid for truth.  To really hold it you must pay with your illusions and the price will almost always seem too steep to contend with.  But, the truth is worth your illusions no matter how much fear wells up from deep inside of you during that first terrifying taste of the truth.  Stand firm and trust yourself knowing that there is no way that we can ever build a firm foundation that has any means of truly supporting us if all we have built is based on illusion on top of illusion.  When finally who we are is replaced with the truth and we learn we are nothing, in that one thin moment of pain, we become everything and every dream, wish and desire suddenly becomes possible.  It may seem like a stretch but it isn’t.

May you find the courage to seek out the truth, to hold it and understand all of the illusions you have created.  May you then find the strength and love enough to see this world through new eyes.  It’s design is pure perfection as is your life.  Blessings of love and light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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