Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soul Medicine


I somehow managed to sleep twelve hours last night.  On my way home from work, I happened to catch a huge full moon rising just above the mountains.  It looked 3 times it normal size and to see it rising in a sea of cerulean blue was just breath taking.  I think it is that vision of amazing beauty that made me so peaceful and relaxed that I slept more than I have in a very long time.  When I finally awakened this morning, the sun was already up and the birds were singing so sweetly right outside my bedroom window.  I thought how wonderful it might be to wake up like this every morning.  I made my way through my simple morning routine and headed towards my wonderful friend, the coffee maker!  As I was making coffee, I noticed the sky was a deep cerulean blue and clear as far as my eyes could see (picture is of that very view).  The night's chill had already worn off as the rays of the sun cast everything in a beautiful golden glow.  Once the coffee was made, I stepped outside onto my patio and decided to sit near my tiny little purple garden.  I cannot tell you the peace that resonated just gazing at tiny flowers in varied hues of purple and violet.  It set my entire being at ease.  I gazed at a very small statue of a beautiful angel that stands guard in my little garden and the white contrasting with the deep brown of the soil and the deep green of my beautiful plants and then the colors, my what a beautiful morning I thought.

This moving slowly, fully rested, is such a pure and simple pleasure.  I'm reminded how important giving yourself this kind of gentleness is.  We really must take the time to give ourselves some soul medicine.  We give ourselves soul medicine by adjusting our vision to a focus purely on the positive, solely on the beauty within our current field of vision and allowing the feeling of life to pulse consciously through our veins.  Breathing deeply in morning sunshine, hearing the birds and noticing the vast array of colors our vision can take in is such a blessing and can initiate one of the most beautiful feelings on Earth...bliss.  Gratitude can bring you there so quickly if you let it and you decide to choose to open your mind, heart and soul fully to it.

Be gentle with yourselves today dear souls.  Choose something to appreciate and feel fully grateful for.  Breathe in the pure beauty of the emotion of gratitude and feel your own well of love within pulsing and radiating outward in response to your choice.  Love and light beautiful dreamers.  May your journey today be peace-filled and full of love.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (words/photos)


  1. Wow...such a beautiful post my friend! I love reading your work.

    1. Thank you so very much. I'm honored. :) Blessings and a happy week to you. :)