Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fanning Flames

Even when it feels like the love inside of you amounts to a tiny gossamer flame, if you put your focus fully upon it you can raise your flame to a blazing inferno. The love burning deep within us is the impetus for our growth, for our compassion and the pure resonating with others on this Earth and beyond it. Caress that flame with the gentleness of your intention, fan that flame with the faith of your affection and seek to truly feel it with everything in you that makes you you. The love inside is our treasured connection to Source. It never disappears but we sometimes turn away from it in our moments of sorrow and disappointment. Know it is that flame that connects us each one to the other and you are never alone in any part of your journey. When you raise that flame high, so too do those around you in response. Keep your light of love alive and shine beautiful dreamers. ~Much love and infinite light!
(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

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