Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soul Friends

You are changed forever, the moment you let someone inside of your soul.  There are those people in life who can move through our defenses as if they never existed because they come forth with not one ounce of pretense.  We meet such individuals soul to soul, heart to heart, and spirit to spirit.  They can see you, all the way through to the deepest part of you and you find a place where you are completely unafraid.  In human terms, it is very difficult to stand in such a presence because this world is not set up to behold that much beauty so routinely.  Oh, it could if we all could advance a bit more and reach up to it but we can't always do that.

There are special souls in life that will cross our paths from time to time for so very many reasons but these special souls will know you almost better than you know yourself.  It is very natural to want to hold them right where they stand, melting you with that knowing soulful look in their eyes and that beautiful loving charm in their smile but this, sadly, is not always the right thing to do.  In fact, you may often find that such souls were never intended to be with you for the whole of your life in this incarnation but rather for a moment in time just to reach deep into the heart of your soul and show you not only who you are but the loving soul you were intended to be.

Woe is the day that you must part as your soul may feel that it might just ache for an eternity in their physical absence.  However, these very special soul friends will always remain connected to you through the universal love of the all of everything and ultimately, you will let them go when the time comes and for the right reasons and because you want nothing more than to witness the beauty of their freedom in motion.

I'm so very blessed to say I've met such a soul and though my heart, at times, aches so deeply I fear I will never breathe again, I do..breathe...deeply, slowly and remember the words, the visions, the meanings conveyed with little to nothing in the physical world that mattered.  Everything that really mattered was exchanged through a soul baring love nothing in this world can touch.  And so, even though parting is truly sweet sorrow, I am better for the experience of meeting that one soul who changed my life forever.  Forever and ever I will wish this one soul who walks this earth nothing but pure love, pure joy and pure happiness for an eternity.  And now, now, well, there are promises that I have made and must keep. There are things I must think through and work through.  From time to time as I gaze up at the stars on a dark night, I'll see his face and I'll send smiles of gratitude and love. 

Should you ever in this lifetime behold such a soul, consider yourself blessed and know also that you have been initiated truly into the mysteries of your life. The days, weeks and months that unfold from that beautiful moment forward will hold much  promise for you in terms of your remembrance of who you really are.  And, that, my dear gentle souls is what soul friends are bring you that perfectly timed message from home, confirmation of love and true understanding.  Your journey's are already blessed and will be all the more by precious soul friends who come and share pure love and light with you for a time.  ~Blessings of great love, wisdom and the highest understanding.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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