Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neon Blue Awakening

I watched as the dark morning sky came to life in neon blue behind full white storm clouds.  The crescent moon hung perfectly still and cast it's light gently to Earth. The intensity of the silence and soul moving stillness filled me with a calm and peace I've not known for a very long while.  Chaotic days and sleepless nights cannot seem to dampen this mood, this wild curiosity and wonder at life.  It's beautiful always in its rapid change and continual blossoming.  Take heart in the stillness of the night.  Let hope take flight in the silence on silvery wings that will light the darkness.  There is magic a foot and murmurings of dreams and well, how beautiful does it feel?  Feel, now there is a word I can touch and taste...so delicious and sweet.  Today is in the making and as the sun rises, I shall await its first fiery golden rays and let my heart sing a tune of presence and persistence, acceptance without resistance.  The day will be all it can be and every breath and step will find me waxing nostalgic, appreciative of life, of love, of grace and dreams.  These things so light and beautiful carry enough weight to ground a soul in harmony with all that is.  And, so, it is. And it is all it will be.  To breathe this cool morning air at this moment, it's enough for me...sweet serenity has come to visit me. 

Find yourself those precious moments in between the happenings of an ordinary life.  Find the joy in the stillness, the peace of the silence and the roaring and delicious energy of the rising sun.  ~Blessings for your journey today dear souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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