Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ruby Throat

The sun spills through the tree branches in wide swaths of golden light.  The leaves outside of my front door look electric right now and just a moment ago when I was absolutely elated at my fortunate view, a ruby throat humming bird dropped out of the sky and hovered directly in front of my face as if to say hello.  I was so still not wanting to alarm my beautiful tiny friend and he stayed there for a little while probably with as much wonder about me as I held for him.  Have you ever watched the sun set in the fall and in the rays of the sun you can see the small flying things dancing in the light of it?  It takes me away, so far away in my memories to another place and time and the humming bird was perfection...right on queue.

It was so warm today I thought I might melt but I was so grateful for sunlight today.  In fact, I have a very long list of things I'm grateful for.  I'm listening to the birds sing the sun down and its the most beautiful music I've heard in a while.  Electric energy kept me moving through the mundane today and not even a trip to the dentist dampened this mood.  There are those beautiful moments in life where even the simplest things magically click into place unnoticed and the effect is intoxicating and mesmerizing to say the least.  The Earth holds so much beauty and the states of mind we can ascend to in a mere moment...breath-taking.

I took a flight last night in my mind's eye and hovered over an amazing landscape.  Elsewhere it was and I could see all of my favorite places, time spanning, moving slowly, quickly and the adventures come and gone.  Just as I thought my heart couldn't hold any more joy, the scene changed as I was called to a part I had never seen before.  On the other side of the cliffs and a beautiful waterfall, there is a different landscape altogether on a beautiful coastline.  The beach is more rocky there and as I focused in my view, I could see a castle.  Beautifully polished and perfectly placed light gray stone created its walls and keep.  The color contrasted beautifully against the deep blue of the ocean and the emerald green of a lush landscape. Inside it was light and bright although I could see no source of light at all.  Oh how I wanted to stay there.  Have you ever opened up your mind and allowed it to create beautiful places to explore for the sheer joy of the exploration?  Flying is an interesting thing even when inside of one's own mind but the exercise of it is more than beneficial.

I think that visit and communing with the Source gave me great impetus for returning to the love and light inside last night and maintaining it all of the day today.  The blissful feelings stayed with me all day and increased just now as I caught the golden light of sun set.  More memories now come to mind and I am content here now to sit with them a savor the remembrance for yet a little while.  I pray you set yourselves free to roam through the recesses of your mind some time...just to explore and see the beauty you can return to in your memories or create just for the joy of creation.  Blessings for a beautiful and creative week beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo copyright holder is as noted on photo)

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