Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words + Emotion = Energy So be Careful in What you Create! :)

There's a distinct chill in the air preceding the coming storm out west and my thoughts seem to be carried up and out on a cool breeze.  I see the city far below me and a thought crosses my mind.  From up here, I can feel the dark and light energy in rather interesting pockets.  If I focus in on anyone area, I can see what generates the darkness and what generates the light...when I zoom in closer, I can feel words and the power behind them generated by souls both aware and very unaware.  I realize in that moment that we just don't know the depths of energy we unconsciously create and put out into this world and that is tragic to me.

We have experiences here in this plane (and also many others).  However, when we hone in on an aspect of our experience and convey it to others with any emotion tinged with hatred, venom, toxic and poisonous anger, hurt, sorrow, etc. we end up tainting with our words and all who come into contact with the negative energy of what we negatively convey.  Conversely, when we hone in on an aspect of our experience and convey it to others with an emotion tinged with love, curiosity, assuming positive intent, happiness, wonder and joy, we end up positively influencing everyone we come into contact with--with our positive energy.

Words have power.  Thoughts have power.  These two in combination create a certain kind of energy.  When we push that out with good intent and with a positive message, we are filled with light as are those who come into contact with us.  However, when we push that out with bad intent and with a negative message, we collapse our light in on us and pull the light out of others creating voids of darkness all around.

We must be ever so cautious in how we use our words and our emotions to create energy.  We should consider consciously creating.  Describing a bad experience is not in and of itself bad.  However, when we engage in blame, hate, vengeance and anger surrounding our story, we really just create negativity for ourselves.  We always end up choking on our own toxic poison when we engage in blame and seeking to hurt others with our words.  So, to remedy, we should consider the collective of our experiences and even if we experience something bad if we take a more curious stance, assume positive intent, seek truth over assumption and seek true understanding or the silver linings of our experience without conveying insult or injury to others, we can actually increase our own light.  I've written much lately about always being on the receiving end of your own insults, attacks and hurtful lies about others.  If you don't believe me, do a little test.  The next time you speak ill of others with vengeance and pure vitriol, notice how you feel.  Notice the sinking feeling in your heart or stomach centers (chakras) as these two in particular are very sensitive.  Now, the next time you refrain from speaking ill of others and instead take a more curious and accountable stance as you speak or maybe you hold forgiveness and love above all and let that guide your words - notice how your stomach and chakra centers feel.   Likewise, again, when others are speaking with vitriol and hate versus love and forgiveness, notice how your energy centers feel.  They vibrate differently based on whether you convey or are the subject of a positive or negative story.

Assume nothing, don't exaggerate or rewrite history in the negative and don't engage in gossip or insult.  These things hurt YOU the most and not the object of your feelings of negativity.  Likewise, when you lift others up with love, forgiveness and light-filled words, you also uplift YOU in your energy. 

Every single word you say, everything you do and everything you think and attach emotion to matters.  So, be authentic and deal with negative emotions but take personal ownership rather than blame and you will not be adversely effected by your own words. Focus on the positive.  One of the aspects of truly successful and happy people in life is their ability to seek silver linings, higher meaning and true understanding beyond the superficial. They will be authentically honest but will develop the ability to do so without being hateful or insulting.

Some food for thought thanks to a dear soul's post tonight.  Thanks Sharon! :)

Blessings dear souls!

(c) 2011 words/photo Jaie Hart

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