Sunday, November 27, 2011

True Expanse

Watching the illusions unfold
Can sometimes bring displeasure
And even great pain
It's hard to let go of the illusion
We have known it our whole lives
To set it down and let it go
Seems sometimes more terrifying
Than embracing the love
Of the seemingly unknown
Exit the fearful places within you
Know that your demons and adversaries
Are all part of the dream
See them for what they are...Actors...smokey spectres
Playing a role, trying to learn
And find a way to become free again
The pain of the illusions
And machinations of the ego are strong
But you, you are divine and so much stronger
You can step out of the sludge and grime
You've allowed yourselves to become mired in
There is a better way
Embrace the love and light within you
And there you will find freedom
The true great expanse of existence

(c) Jaie Hart, September 13, 2011 (photo copyright unknown)

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