Thursday, November 17, 2011

Step Away from the Ego - and No One Gets Hurt

The observer within is a place we all may retreat to in order to rise above any egotistical pain that seeks to encrouch upon our consciousness. If you can spend enough time there, you will begin to see that what the ego takes offense to has nothing to do with you at all. The ego is so very fearful that it will be exposed while the soul stands tall, confident and ever-present...we have so many facets...retreat to the observer position and let the egotistically created emotions wash over you like beautiful ocean waves crashing onto the shore and then gently retreating out to sea, attaching no further emotion or fear to what you witness...then, just breathe! Life is beautiful. :)

If you understand the ego's design, it is not surprising how two individuals can hear or see the same thing and one will walk away upset and disturbed while another will be curious and open.  It is the ego that thinks it sees a threat.  It is the ego that hears only negativity.  It is a very wounded ego that sees and takes insult to everything under the sun.  Luckilly, we are not all ego.  From the soul we can see the ego's machinations, understand them to pick apart the true life lessons there and then from there, transcend all the pain and twisted torment the ego tries to bring.  Stop the negative and painful thoughts with these words, "I Believe In Me."  Repeat these words whenever negative or fearful thoughts arise and think nothing more about the negative thoughts.  Say nothing more.  Do not judge, do not become fearful.  Just observe how over time the fearful egotistical thoughts will fade into the black the stronger you nestle in to the truth about you.  The real truth, which of course is love. ;)

Blessings of infinite love and light dear souls.

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