Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Set Your Love Free

Never for one moment believe that you are not good enough to be great, to feel loved and to be beautiful.  Reach deep into your core, beyond the hurtful words others may have given you and love yourself with all of your heart.  In so doing, your love will set you free from the chains that pain has bound your heart with.  Then, your own love will have you soaring to heights unbelievable.  Believe in you heart and soul and never waiver in your dedication to your love and light. Know that you are the master of your perceptions of Earthly experience.  Seek the silver linings and blessings of every frame of the scenes that are your life.  Reach out for the best that life has to offer and trust it will always be within your grasp.  Blessings dearest souls.  Higher love is here for you now.

(c) 2011 (picture copyright unknown)  

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