Friday, November 25, 2011

Truth and Love

Sadly, sometimes a soul seems to only find it's true value and self-worth when it is reflected as only the soul thinks it should be in another's specifically expressed love for them. To me, this is like walking a gossamer tight rope without any form of net below.  This desire calls forth to the universe for more of the illusion and not the truth. For within each and every soul in existence is Source love and we exist beautifully and perfectly even without the illusion of the only love we will accept for us reflected in another's actions. Calling forth to the universe for such conditional love from without is a trap and an emotionally deadly one.  Unconditional love allows those we come into contact with to love us in their way without accusing them of diminishing us in some way by not loving us the way we think we should be loved.  We can never be diminished once we discover the heart and soul of who we are, find the lies of illusion we tell ourselves and begin to understand and explore the true infinite power of Source love.  Even if you can't feel it in this moment, trust that it is there, know that you will find it and embrace wholeheartedly your willingness to change your perspectives and perceptions and find the real truth.  ~Blessings

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