Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silence and Stillness

There are times when a soul needs silence and stillness for no other reason than to face and embrace one's self.  If it is uncomfortable for you, inquire within as to why that might be.  There is no greater love in this universe than the love that can be found within you.  Let that love be your guiding light and comfort in what can sometimes seem a cold and harsh world.  The world is as it is and people will be who and what they are, take no discomfort in that but strive ever and always to understand.  Compassion above hatred may not win you friends but it will make you appreciate you and your own internal true love from Source within.  Love holds no obsession, anxiety nor the desire to do any soul harm and those who cause it with intent to do harm suffer only from an ill-heart.  True love soothes that away, beautifully, amazingly and brings about the greatest freedom there is.

Be unafraid of the darkness in this world.  If you look for it, you will find much.  Stand not in judgement of your fellow man but in a space of understanding.  Trust yourself to see the truth no matter what anyone screams at you to the contrary.  Truth cannot ever really be spoken but felt and demonstrated with action.  Words are limited as are people who use them to wound and harm others.  Live for the light of love within you and let each find his or her own way with blessings of love and light.

(c) 2011 (words and photo, Jaie Hart, All rights reserved)

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