Monday, November 14, 2011

The Passive Aggressor

The one who cries loudest of injustice
The one who strikes out in offense
Is always the one who rightly should be suspect
And that fact will be proven again and again

The betrayal that perpetuates their anger
Is self-betrayal from wounds unhealed
And forever will they blame and transfer
And punish themselves through you

But, there is an answer to this seeming quandary
This struggle of defense and attack
See the illusion for what it is
And don’t waste another minute of your time

Others who claim to love you
And then use every shred of energy in your destruction
Really can’t hurt you at all
It is they that hurt from festering wounds

In time they will realize it is their own soul they detest
In time it is their own heart they will blame
In time with repeating the painful lessons
They will learn how they went wrong

This is not justice for them
It is painful and hurtful
But, when they stop the blame
And see the pain is caused by no one other than themselves

Finally they may seek to heal
Finally they may seek the light within
Finally they may focus on healing themselves
Finally they may accept and love themselves

I wrote the above piece in 2008.   This topic comes up quite a bit so I thought I'd repost.  Learning lessons can be tiring but you never have to subject yourself to someone's pain when they refuse to heal it and try with all of their might to take you down with them spewing forth vitriol and twisted untruths. Bless them and turn the situation over to your Maker. Then will the situation truly be healed. The passive-aggressive approach truly only hurts the perpetrators and it can't hurt you when you see their delusions and complete lack of truth for what it is. So, bless them, forgive them and stop interfering with their lessons!  Stand back, let them find their way to the real truth and keep yourself out of harm's reach.  Be grateful, on one hand they are teaching you to stand ever closer to the light. (Oh and ladies, if you are or think you are dating someone who may be passive-aggressive, do yourselves an enlightening favor.  Pay for a criminal background check.  You'd be amazed at the things some folks will lie to you about and you'll learn that every penny spent is worth it if it saves you from getting involved with someone who is a convicted criminal or having to go through the motions of filing a restraining order - trust me, I know of that which I speak).  Blessings of love and light.

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