Friday, November 18, 2011

Believe in YOU!

Fear not.  Let not anger and hatred dim the light within your soul.  Embrace the true beauty of your very own soul.  Forget the harsh things that unawake parents and guardians unwittingly taught you, hold not a single vengeful thought within your soul and unleash no harmful words out into this world.  You are always on the receiving end of what you put out into this world.  Prevent your mind from miring your spirit in dark and harsh thoughts.  Embrace your love and light, your internal flame and know without a doubt, that flame can never be taken from you by any soul.  Your love for yourself is your strength.  Be strong dear only right thought, right action and healing of all wounds that make this difficult for you.  Issue forth no blame but rather assume responsibility and accountability for you and the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain. You can do it.  I believe in you and now I hope, wish and pray that you will believe in you too.  It matters, so much!  Blessings of love and infinite light dearest souls.

(c) words/photo, Jaie Hart

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