Saturday, November 26, 2011

Provisional Truth

 It is so sad to me how many lost people misunderstand the meaning of this simple term and how they become so mired in psychological transference and projection they cause great harm to their own souls while attempting to harm others.  One thing the wicked story-tellers of this world forget is that they are ALWAYS on the receiving end of every foul word they give birth to in this life.  It makes me sad for those who engage in illusory attack because with every vile word they prolifically spew forth, they bind their own souls ever closer to the darkness.  I realize now how allowing any words such folks say to come even remotely close to strumming a heart string within you in anger, sorrow, shock or disbelief begins to bind your own soul to the darkness and that just cannot and must not be.  I've danced with the heart of darkness many times in the last couple of years and every time I've understood the darkness more...the dark ones lack the ability to use the true most powerful tool in this universe - and that is love.  They can scream it from the mountain tops emulating those who know what love is, they can talk about it and pretend to know what it means but the truth is they cannot wield it to save themselves and they end up relegated only to gaining their perception of glory through attempting to steal the light of those around them through intimidation, insults, manipulation for sympathy and even fear.  Its a wasted effort that never works in the end and for their efforts they only end up torturing themselves because their souls know the truth even if their minds seek to hide from it.

I can no longer stomach the proximity of such misguided souls who will not seek the assistance of healing and light.  I know the darkness and what I have that it does not and in that knowing do I find strength.  All of the traumatic things we go through in this incarnation are designed by us to test our own trust and faith in our own Source given light and if we let it--it shall prevail because it is all that we can truly hold and is all that we ever really need to hold.  If you do not know Source given love, there is no way to know truth...truth will be obscured by darkness and love will always be but a fictional fantasy.  To not seek the truth, love and light from Source is a conscious decision to remain wounded and alone in perpetual darkness.  Sad truth, but truth none-the-less.

"In the beginning was the word."  I know what that word is and thank Source I heard it and I feel it.  That word is the key, the only key that matters. It unlocks every door but only if you step out of the ego and its fears long enough to see and feel it.  I pray that every soul out there spewing forth vile hatred and pure toxic venom collapses their twisted and wounded egos straight into the heart of Source, true love and light.  Only then will they learn the truth about themselves (and its really not the toxic hatred they spew forth - they really are better than that and just don't know it), existence and everything else.  Maybe then their provisional truths will be replaced by love and light and they will learn to speak with true love, honor, honesty and the highest integrity towards mankind. 

The truth is, we are all one and as ACIM says, the need for hatred and attack is an illusion - a gross misunderstanding due to the lies we allow ourselves to believe about ourselves.  If we can find a way to eliminate this through true Source love and light, we can heal, grow and be embraced by love in everyone and everything.  Those who miss this message are choosing to be lost, choosing to remain mired in darkness and choosing to torture their own souls.  They do not need vengeance.  They need space and a safe distance from you until they can come to their misguided senses.  Prayers can help so give them helps tremendously but you may have to love from afar to keep yourself safe from these emotionally dangerous and wounded souls. 

Blessings of love, light, healing and the understanding of truth to all.

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