Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check Yourself - :)

Check yourself whenever you are about to unleash an unkind word. It’s likely that you are actually in need of love instead of shredding someone up one side and down the other. Love and kindness will do so much more for you than engaging in a war of words or spewing forth unkindness in some twisted effort to make yourself feel okay. You can never be made okay at the expense of another soul. Cruel is as cruel does and cruelty will get you nothing but self-loathing in the end. Why chance it? It just isn’t worth it. Dig deep within your own soul and find your own self-love inside. Raise that flame as bright as the sun. Fill your heart with compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. When angry thoughts arise, get silent and understand what the messenger and emotion are trying to tell you. Stop shooting and gaining revenge against all the messengers, it’ll only make you feel worse about you.

Kindness is as kindness does. Actions congruent with positive words are evidence of true authenticity. You can do more than merely aspire to be that. You already are that, you just need to believe. Happiness will come to you the more you can incorporate these truths into your existence and experience. Tough times will come and you’ll face the bullies and the liars sometimes. But, the reality is, the more you choose to feel the love within than to attempt to seek it from the outside world, the less impact the bullies and liars will have on you.

Trust in you and know that every single day you start anew. Every single day you learn more of the truth about you and not through anyone’s eyes but your own. Flattery and sympathy cannot add to who you are. Insults and bullying cannot detract from who you are. Only you can truly size up your worth in the eyes of Source. When you stand in your integrity and authenticity, there is no fear and you have nothing within you to give this world other than kindness and love. When you are standing in dishonor and fear, you have nothing to give this world other than angry and vindictive hurtful words that leave lasting scars-- Tragic truths but truths none-the-less.

Think before you speak. No, wait…think about you before you speak and act. If you were on the receiving end of what you are planning to do or say, how would you feel? In a way, although you may not be able to easily connect it, you are always on the receiving end of your own actions and words. So, do yourself a huge favor – act with kindness and love, be authentic and exit your fears…find love and beauty in everything and let that emotion be your guide. Blessings dearest souls!

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