Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Angel Sighs

No one understands
The bowels of hell like an angel
They'll walk right into the center
Without even a care
To save one soul screaming for help
And its sad when that soul
Cries so terrified in the darkness
The angel brings them up and out
At long last into the light of day
And that poor soul still screams
With their eyes closed so tightly
Clawing and flailing for anything to grab hold of
And the angel whispers, "Awaken dear soul"
"You are as you've always been, free"
But the soul can't hear over his own cries of despiar
And the angel whispers yet again, "Just open your eyes"
"Finally, now you can see here in the light"
And the soul flails even more in a panic
Clawing at the air and anything within reach
And the angel sighs seeing the choices there made
And steps out of the soul's reach
Leaving him in God's hands
Sorrow strikes but a moment
For there are other souls in need
And the angel prays hard and long
And sends nothing but love and light

(c) 2011 Jaie Hart (photo unknown)

Inspired by all those souls over many years who simply said "open your eyes and see" when out of fear I merely wished to squeeze my eyes shut knowing only darkness and feeling afraid of the light.  I'm grateful for those angels incarnate and dedicate this piece to everyone of them.  Now I can see.  Thank you. :)

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