Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feelings, Facts and Finding the Love Within

Compliments and people who feed your ego do not make you any greater than you are.  Conversely, insults and people who make every attempt to destroy your ego do not take anything away from you.  People may hurt your feelings but feelings are not facts.  Feelings are typically born of assumption and assumption is also not a fact.  Know who you are and love who you are.  Surround yourself with people who wish to create light with you rather than focusing on those who wish to steal your light away.  It's funny, there is enough love and light to go around and those who wish to steal it away just haven't figured out yet that they truly are worthy of their own love and light.  If they new this one fact about themselves, they would not be so eager to hurt others who they think may have taken their love away.  It is a twisted assumption.  Let assumptions go.  Work in the now and only on facts.  Know the truth about yourself to protect you from those who would hurt you and to increase your ability to surround yourself with people also filled with love and light.  Simple things but they can get complicated really fast if we don't keep our wits about us.  Make sure your actions match your words and reflect true love and light for yourself and others.  You can't fake it, everyone can see so why not be honest and get to the bottom of your fears, find the true love within so you can heal and be happy in this incarnation.  It is a choice, make it count--find the love within and embrace it like pure golden sunlight.  You can do it!

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