Saturday, April 20, 2013


There are those souls who exist in this world who are wholly incapable of love.  There are as many reasons for this as there are stars in a vast night sky.  As if that were not a fact tragic enough in and of itself, those same souls can create so much pain and so many scars in others.  Some souls can come thought this life and transform the negativity of interactions or influence of unloving souls into greater understanding of life's illusions and the nature of  human suffering.  There are also some who instead of healing hold that pain inside and perpetuate it setting off endless chains of negativity throughout time.

I'm one of the lucky ones.  In all honesty, I truly believe it is by the sheer grace of my Creator alone that I have been given the ability to transform.  I could tell tales of tragedy here sufficiently to support my claim but to do so I would have to suffer again the details in the retelling of my tales of woe.  And, so, I leave my past behind me and although I carry still the scars, some of which will always be tender, I heal myself greatly in the knowing that those at whose hands I most definitely did suffer, were lost souls so cut off from their own love that they could do nothing else but teach me through pain that I am not their reflection of me.  The outside world does not define my love, hold my power or dictate the truth of any aspect of my being.  No matter what dark passageways I have painfully traversed, I am as I was created to be...Hopeful, loving, compassionate and also very understanding.

My heart is filled with the love I learned to see and feel on my own and through blessed and loving souls strategically placed upon my path.  They pointed the way to the light for me and even when I could not see, a shred of courage from deep within kept me walking until I could find it.  As much of a stretch as it may seem, so too, can you.  Find the heart of your own soul and give it all the love you most wanted and needed in your life.  If you don't know how, ask for directions and you'll find the signs that lead you home.  When you stand upon the threshold you will begin to see that there was nothing ever wrong with you that you should suffer at the hands of love or lack thereof.  You may learn that what you have experienced had nothing to do with you at all.  You may have suffered at the hands of lost souls but this suffering does not have to define you.  Instead try a shift in thinking that the pain you suffered really showed you who you are not.  You are not pain, even if you feel it.  You are not harsh words, even if you have heard them.  You are not neglect, darkness and a victim, even if you have suffered at the hands of those who would make you unwittingly that.

Realize that you are a bright and beautiful soul.  Through seeing your own light, stopping the illusions the loveless hold and tried to leave you with and knowing that deep within your core - the heart of your soul is a beautiful light that burns so brightly, you can transform your knowing and expand your experiences in ways that will heal and support you.  It is a long journey sometimes, a painful journey sometimes but when you find the pain and refuse to hold it, it cannot hurt you any more.

With every breath and step I take, I wish you love, I wish you joy and I wish you great healing always.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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