Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ancient Wisdom...Seeking the Truth

Challenging are the things we think we know but do not understand.  Creation myths abound with all manner of information requiring we become adept at reading between the lines or even understanding that we are reading anything at all.  There is much wisdom here in this place as has almost always been the case but each little bit of truth has been hidden in its meaning for so very long.  Times will come where our beliefs will be challenged and we may be left wondering what in the heck just happened.  There will be shattered perceptions and assumptions once long held as truth slipping away every so slowly.  Much of the non-truths of our living experience will erode over time with some impetus for core motion digging away at the layers of illusion and trading those illusions for truth.  We’ll gaze at the truth right before us and decide we know not what to do with it and so, we go back, merrily on our way to the same traps and perils that have repeatedly befallen us.  Why?  Why does it have to be this way and why is illusion vastly more attractive to us than the truth?

Uncovering the truth about yourselves and your existence here in this frame and this point in space-time is no easy thing and definitely not for the weak of heart.  Certainly there must be something for us to gain in seeking illusion over truth or we wouldn’t bother.  I think we seek immediate gratification in the illusions we chase with such fervor but although we should know better by now, gratifying such egotistical and unaware urges is only ever fleeting at best leaving us always on a continual quest outside of ourselves for people, things and situations that can never ever satisfy us.  So, what then do we do?  How then do we take it all apart and begin to understand what is real and lasting?  If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing out this blog post.  But I want the answer and the fact that I want it at all tells me the truth is, in fact, already mine.  There is something more to our existence than marriage, jobs and houses.  There is something so dramatically missing from stopping at just those endeavors or worse, always trying to better them…richer spouse, more beautiful house and ever increasing prestigious careers and for what?  Nothing we develop here has any lasting significance.  It is this fact the ancient texts and tales tried to teach us.

As we read about fall after fall of prior significant civilizations, we realize what we do today is not all that different from what has been time-tested and proven wrong over and over again since the populace of this planet called itself, “civilized.”  Needing to turn my focus away from that thought quickly lest this blog should become a book of an entirely different topic, back to the illusions that played a rampart part in the destruction of everything ever destructed.  This world was not created to be a utopia.  But the heart of our souls that reside always and ever elsewhere, know bliss…it just somehow didn’t come through this dimension quite clearly enough for us to fully understand without seeking the truth.  We care more about lifted and wrinkle free body parts than we do the states of our spirit, preserving knowledge and sacred places from times long past and striving to better each other through love, compassion and acceptance.  Why is that?  We can take not one thing with us that is created tangibly in this world but everything intangible we participate in and create does come with us….it’s the only thing that comes with us.  

When the last essence of life force runs clear of your body and you find yourself no longer part of this world, moving through the astral or causal or worse, lower vibrational dimensions…it is the love you bring with you that ultimately sets you free.  Our ancient elders held so much wisdom and so much power to see the truth.  The illusions of life were nothing more than tools for them because they understood that which truly mattered.  The work they have done is not lost today.  There are those of us who remember the ancient wise ones and who revere their existence for the knowledge and love they not only imparted down on through the ages but the energy traces still permeating this Earth and space with so much love.  We can choose a shallow and hurtful existence for ourselves and others as is our choice and our life plan.  Such actions will not put you in better stead once you are beyond the confines of this reality, however.  Your actions would teach those aware enough to see the truth and work to transcend illusions into the only powerful space we, as human beings hold.  That space is love.  It’s not some silly emotion that waxes over star crossed lovers.  It is a state of mind, a state of being and the true nature of our souls.  It’s time we remember why we came here and make an effort to loosen our own grip on illusion.  Not one of us gets out of here alive as I have said many times.  Live your lives so you indelibly etch love deeper into your souls.  That’s the only way to get free of the illusions here.  Transcending fear and those who so willingly perpetuate it is the key.  Enough of my rambling on this topic.  These thoughts came over me and wanted to be set free, so, I let them.  ~Blessings of higher love and definitive truth beautiful dreamers.  You may not have any idea but you are so much more loved than you could possibly imagine.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find)

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