Sunday, April 21, 2013

Falling Away from Illusion

To expect a rose to be without thorns just because you wish to pluck it for your own personal pleasure is not a reasonable expectation.  All things have their opposite inherent within.  For every day, there is night.  For darkness, there is light.  Expectation in the absence of full understanding can set one up for huge disappointment in life.  Polarity exists in everything from gender to  behavior and beyond.  The way towards experiencing a life free of disappointment is to understand life to a much greater degree.

 Disappointment means we have misunderstood the true nature of a thing or a person and even a situation.  Seek understanding first rather than to expect an outcome out of sync with a thing or a person’s true purpose not fully comprehended by you.  Consider seeking full understanding of a thing or a person before you design an expectation to begin with.  Then you will learn to deal with reality rather than illusion.  We create many illusions in this world and it only brings our own suffering.  We can be free of that suffering through patience, diligence, love and great understanding.  The choice is ultimately ours to make and no one has the power to bring our suffering more than our own choices through expectation alone.  

Let me give you an example:  If you expect another soul to carry you financially or emotionally in this life but have not taken the time to learn the soul you intend to depend upon is neither capable of positive emotion nor adequate income, you will be greatly disappointed and it is not the other soul’s fault, it is yours for having a misplaced expectation.  If you expect the day to last forever because you are having a great time in the sun, you will be disappointed when the Earth turns away from the sun creating the night.  If you expect in life to never face hardships, tough times or sorrow as the only measure of your own personal success, you will be misleading yourself down a path filled with illusion that will almost always seem to catch you by surprise at the worst seeming moments.

So, consider, roses have thorns and do take care should you go to pluck one.  People and things must be and behave as they are and not as you require them to be, understand.  Day follows night and night follows day.  The pendulum swings and this world is always in motion.  If you are to set an expectation, ensure that capabilities are in existence to meet your expectations.  If you are wrong, you could be disappointed.  Seek understanding, self-actualization, self-accountability and the illusions will begin to fall away.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (Photo, random internet find)

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