Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contemplating Purple

I sat quietly on my patio tonight.  To my immediate left was a small terracotta pot that I planted a tiny deep purple daisy bush in many months ago.  The poor plant barely made it through the winter and was looking so frail and lifeless.  I spent a lot of time with that plant over the past few months just sending my appreciation for it’s beauty.  I watched it come back from the brink of death and it began to bloom again.  Not satisfied, I continued to spend more time in the evenings sitting next to it, sending it love and all of the blissful thoughts and energy I could muster.  I noticed tonight that the purple color of each of the flowers has deepened.  It’s also so full of life and blooms that you cannot see the little pot it’s planted in at all.  I was captivated by just how beautiful it was and I gently stroked a few petals here and there.  I suddenly wanted to meditate and did for a few moments.  I felt so much peace and the amazing thing is that peace seemed to emanate much stronger on my left side than my right.  Even more amazing was that I suddenly felt my left arm tingle as if one of the flowers was stroking my arm.  Okay, I know it’s a stretch but it was a beautiful thought just sitting there deeply entranced in shear appreciation and then feeling it come back to me.  

I wonder about the application of this very simple concept.  If we spend a lot of time nurturing ourselves, others, situations and whatever else is our focus, if we send love and expect nothing in return, if we gave just for the joy of giving and felt nothing but gratitude just for the opportunity to give and to witness transformation…what might we discover in this world in terms of our power to consciously create?  Hmmm, for now I’m sticking with plants.  I’ve got a little ficus tree that isn’t looking very happy.  I’m going to move it over to my flower garden next to the beautiful purple daisies.  That plant is so filled with love I’m just certain we can bring the little tree back to life too.  I love it when I feel a deep appreciation for anything in nature and then it responds with a glorious display of color, light or even simple peace. ~sigh~  I love this world.  I just love it so much.  I don’t care if it’s hard.  I don’t care if the lessons sometimes make me cry.  I don’t care if sometimes it feels like I’m on my own with not another soul in sight who understands me and my crazy mental meanderings.  I laugh at these thoughts realizing they are just an illusion.  The truth is that my feelings only stem from thoughts that I create and allow to exist.  So, I think that I shall acknowledge the challenging thoughts and thank them for showing me such beautiful contrast to joy and peace and I will do the same for pain, emptiness or that feeling of alone.  These are more beautiful things to teach me in contrast to look higher or deeper for the truth.  Love is such a powerful tool and gratitude the beginnings of love at it’s core is just, well, amazing.

Find something wonderful to love and if its not wonderful, make it so and love with all your heart.  Experiment with this feeling and notice just how truly powerful the emotion is in terms of creation in this beautiful world.  Your results, no doubt, will be pleasing, amazing and undeniable joyful!  Be blessed dear souls.  I’m off to go sit in my garden some more and contemplate the beauty of the color purple!

(c) 5/2012 photo/words Jaie Hart

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