Friday, May 4, 2012


Last night in meditation, I was breathing in the peace of the hum of this universe when all of a sudden this beautiful cobalt blue and purple light appeared in my mind’s eye.  In that moment I felt this gentle warmth wrap itself around me.  This beautiful light began speaking in feeling and all at once I knew the most perfect love in existence.  Within the light of that love I could feel every single beating heart on this planet, the perfection and magic of existence.  In that moment, bliss wove beautiful tendrils of light into every single perception and I began to see things in a new light.  Those moments of bliss are the impetus for change and creation in our world.  In those moments of bliss that we find in our lives, we can engage the Source energy that thought us into being and then we can think so many other creations into existence.  It is part of what we have come here to learn to do and to master.  Find your love and light within and never cease in your efforts to find it and find it often.  You will succeed if you believe you will.  Find your love.  Find your light.  Breathe in the perfect bliss of this universe and create your every dream through the beauty of the true purpose of mind rather than the detrimental and challenging aspect of ego.  It can be done.  It will be done.  So be it.   ~Blessings

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