Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nerdy and Kooky Meanderings

Time holds no meaning when you have found a state of bliss.  Life accelerates and slows down dependent upon your state of flow with all that is.  When in painful moments, time slows down.  When you are wanting, yearning or crying, it crawls.  When you're having the time of your life, the hours go by in mere seconds.  It's funny when you think about it and when you dig a little deeper than that you might even realize that you have right there in front of you evidence of how powerfully your mind can create with the right impetus of emotion and powerful positive thought (energy) behind you.  We don't think about a lot of things that perhaps we should.  But, then again, everything in its own good time I suppose.

When you can time travel, time starts to lose it's meaning a little bit.  When you can look back and pinpoint your very origins in time and carry forth your consciousness to the present and then divide it by the various dimensions your thoughts and consciousness exists in, well, time becomes irrelevant.  Yet, here in this frame, time is everything.  Time is running out.  Everything runs by the clock due to work, school, obligations and well, the list goes on...but time - it exists because we do but it is not static in the way that we think.  I think traveling backwards in time is easy because our conscious experience is recorded some how in the space we once existed in or maybe, perhaps, we exist there still.  I just don't know - all I can really speak from is experience and I need no time machine.  My memories are as real upon experience as the sensation of my fingers gently tapping out letters on my computer right now.

So, for those of you fearful of gray hair and wrinkles indicating your time is running out, relax.  You aren't the bodies your souls inhabit any way.  That's not to say you shouldn't fully enjoy and appreciate the experiences you are having but you see the existence we create in this frame has the limits that we have all mutually agreed upon.  That means that we are here in this frame for the span of a dream elsewhere and then, well, we are not here but elsewhere.  In my last article I wrote about my own experience with my consciousness existing beyond my body.  My heart stopped and I was out of my body and yet fully conscious in a very liberating way.  There was such a great sense of freedom, expanse and unlimited sensations of reaching father than the limits we are used to within our bodies.  I've read about the experiences of others traveling outside of their bodies and I once doubted the plausibility or validity of such experiences until I had my own experience.  I've had several still after that even-- that didn't involve anything so traumatic as my heart stopping.  Rather, I've had the experience of going back in time and reliving both beauty and tragedy, love and anger, lack and abundance all in the span of various lives.

I don't write much about this aspect of my nature as I always hated the idea of being labelled a Kook!  But, I find as I get older, I just don't care any more.  Label me away and I will always know the truth about me and nothing in this world defines me but the thoughts I hold about myself.  I was created by a single thought and that thought, the Source, gave me free will to think, be and experience this world and others as I so choose and I do choose.  I love life in all of its forms, from the myriad colors to the full spectrum of emotions and corresponding energy.  More important than any other experience I can convey is that I love!  I love and I am loved.  These two things - the ability to both give and receive unconditional love - well, learning these was worth every bump, bruise and scrape of some very serious uphill climbing for a very long time!  Live and learn.  Hey, that's what we're here for.

Enough of my kooky mental meandering for this evening.  I'm tired and need to get to meditation before I get too sleepy to do it.  There is only so much Discovery Channel a single woman can take any way (oh yeah, add nerd to the list of labels - Yeah!)  I hope that every one of you out there reading this post walks away with one thought (other than Jaie is a Nerdy Kook - hahaha).  Seriously, the thought is this - be who you are...explore this life fully with curiosity, an open mind and a great love for self and life.  When you can do this, life gets richer, more beautiful and infinitely more rewarding.  It's true.  It's really true.  Be blessed!  Much love and light!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Photo is not mine but gorgeous)

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