Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beauty of a Moment (Extended Version)

I cannot describe the immense feeling of peace that has completely over-taken me these past few days.  I’m not sure I can pin point the moment it occurred.  I was deep in meditation one night a few weeks ago and I pushed past a barrier that has been with me for the last 18 months and once I made it through to the other side of the void, a warmth radiated from the center of my soul and in those moments the most intense feeling of love I have ever known came into my present awareness.  It never left me.  There are moments where I get busy and focused on my daily routine and I do not notice it as much but I’ll hear a simple tone of the vibrating energy of it and it brings me right back to this feeling of immense light and great peace.

This morning I was sitting on my back patio sipping coffee and watching big patches of puffy white clouds crawl gently across the deepest cerulean sky I’ve seen in a very long time.  At the same time I noticed the air was very cool and absolutely delicious.  I happened to catch the rays of the sun flashing opalescent light across the clouds and I realized I had never seen clouds look so beautiful in the sky.  I sat there for long moments just watching and feeling so much peace.   I let go of every other thought in my head but those focused on the pure bliss and joy in that moment and I swear I felt as if I were in heaven.

That same feeling of love and gentleness has surrounded me all day long.  I drove by the coast this evening and watched as the Earth turned gently away from the sun.  As it seemingly sank into the ocean, the gentleness of the colors in the sky grew so intense and the sun seemed larger than ever I’ve seen it, more radiant, more golden and more powerful than I’ve ever noticed.  I just sat there and smiled.  There was nothing else to be done in a moment while experiencing such great beauty.  In that moment I sent out a wish across the globe that this love and the energetic essence of this beauty might be captured in some way by others on the planet.  I sent loving thoughts of bliss and comfort to every single soul I knew and almost as if in reply, the tones of energy I could hear and feel grew in volume and I was literally swimming in pure joy just to be alive on this Earth.

There are challenges that we all face as we live our lives but if we can find but a small moment now and then to see the beauty in this amazing creation called Earth, some amazing things begin to happen within your soul.  Just like a memory upon recall, the feelings of joy, happiness and bliss can be called to you as well.  When you can learn to hold these moments ever and ever longer, you start to make sense of things that didn’t add up before, you start to better understand your place in this scheme of existence and all of the trivial things you once spent energy on giving in to false importance seem to suddenly fall away.  When there is no past you regret nor hold anxious feelings for and there is nothing in the future that your heart or mind pines away for, you are left in the present so free and in such a clear flow of consciousness that it is beyond stunning and beyond amazing.  In fact, I do not want to distract myself from these feelings any longer.  I wish to take this feeling and energy out under the stars and just watch them sparkle and shine in a quickly darkening sky.  Where ever you are and whatever it is you find yourself doing - - may you feel the love, the light and the beautiful energies of life.  Be blessed dear souls.  Higher love and greater understanding is on it’s way to all in some form.  Enjoy!

(c) May 2011  Photo from NASA.

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