Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Swaying in the dark to the sounds of the stars
Each one a brilliant diamond shining while beautifully hung
On  blanket of contrasting night
Feeling the peace
Relishing the pure and unadulterated silence
Cherishing this moment of life
I reach out beyond visible stars
And feel the All of Everything
Every breath and every step
It’s there pulsing as a backdrop
A silent hum that knits this universe together
We’re always spinning and turning
Changing and growing, aging and fighting
Just to understand our place in this world
We won’t reach that understanding
By becoming mired in the superficiality of existence
Or what we think exists on the surface of everything
We get lost in people, situations and dreams sometimes
Trudging through the wounds our shinning souls have assumed
Thinking all the while it is the outside world that defines us
But it’s us who defines our worlds
Each of us is a tiny replication of the universe
We each are like planets revolving around our own suns
And deep within us the scheme replicates
Right down to the microscopic level
We don’t think much about the things we can’t see or touch
But we can always feel and truthfully, we can always touch
Maybe just not in the way we have been taught
The limits we throw on like a favorite coat to keep us warm
We just don’t give much thought to at all
But if we did and often, imagine what we might learn
About our own existence in the scheme of this construct
Wonder unimaginable would overtake us in the span of a heart beat
Back to my own motion
Now moving in tune with the sounds within my own soul
I stand under these stars and I know
I know that existence holds more for me
Than my limited thoughts allow most of the time
I challenge myself always to find the love in things
I challenge myself always to return to the love inside
And there I find something just as beautiful as this sky filled with stars
The warmth of the sun from the love inside
Its there, always burning brightly even when I can’t see

(c) Jaie Hart (photo copyright as noted on photo-not mine)

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