Saturday, June 4, 2011

Truth, What's Right and Time

What is the truth?  Tell me in a way I might understand.  But, when you do, make sure you are not conveying what you “think” or “feel”…what you’ve been told, what you’ve heard or even what you’ve read unless what you’ve read can stand up to empirical evidence.  I’ve heard the “truth” told many times over.  I’ve heard it shouted from roof tops, mountain tops, at the top of someone’s lungs and I listen hoping to really hear it…and I listen so very hard because I want to understand and I want to learn.  Yet, I find there is no truth other than provisional truth, or so it seems.  But then again, when we get down to it…how can we then define the truth if what we perceive of it must be filtered through our own minds and experience…how can we “believe” in the truth if there does not seem to be any common understanding of what the truth is?

I’m still thinking…come along with me and lets see if I can make some sense of this thought process my mind seems to be locked onto.  Let’s take something simple.  I am a woman.  Is this true?  There is empirical evidence of this fact that can be attested to by the finest in the medical community.  Okay – so we can have some truths validated as truth.  Let’s try another…Is it daylight right now?  Well, yes, and anyone standing next to me at my specific longitude and latitude would agree this is truth but someone further east or west of my latitude may not agree with my truth…because from their perspective, that statement may not the truth, at least not at the moment…the parameters change with distance down the line and so that truth cannot be shared at the same time and the truth must be categorized with caveats about how and when it can be true and by the time we’re done explaining that, it’s no longer the truth here in my latitude anymore any way.  Sigh…so, well, let’s try something else.  Someone says “I love you” but then they are the very soul causing you so much emotional pain that you begin to question your sanity.  How then, can that be true?  How can love create pain?  Love must not be what we think it is then.  Is love Joy?  Is that the truth?  Is love happiness?  Is that the truth?  Is love the greatest source of pain in this world?  Is that the truth?  Some would agree the answer is yes to any of these questions and some would not agree thinking these questions can only truthfully be answered, “no”  in order to hold even a shred of truth.  And so my truth seeking mental meanderings have led me right back to where I started.  Hmmmm (tapping fingers on the table).

Truth to me is illusive when another tries to impose his or her truth on me.  No matter how loudly they yell it, state it as fact, threaten me with my own temporary emotional discomfort in a moment or prove my stupidity for not seeing the truth…no one’s truth is mine.  Only my truth is mine and my truth is shaped by a myriad of experiences, filters, thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams and so much more.  What is true for me is not true for someone else unless they are in agreement with my perspective and willingly so.

So, truth…for me, I think…the truth about truth is that truth is illusive…just like being “right.”  Being right is based on personal and provisional truth or only when enough people band together to agree that you are right and whenever you claim you are right on a topic, entire factions and cultures may very well disagree.  We can fight over who is right and kill each other to prove our points.  We can search for truth and eradicate those that don’t find our truth is right but then what would we have but a bloody mess and waste of human life, effort, energy and time.  But we do this every day and I’m just so puzzled at how that makes sense in a time where we have such great minds and technology.  Oh, wait but then there is time as well.  Time is another interesting concept…time is also a perception…we can agree that when 5 minutes has passed, 5 minutes are gone…but if I am in a now moment right now…in 5 minutes, I will still be in a now moment and that is my truth…and yet another will say that is not right and in 5 minutes I will be in the future now…but my truth will tell me that is not right because there are no other nows than now.  We can define the now other than it exists for the brief and fleeting moments we are in it.

So, we fight for truth, we fight to be right and we fight for more time?  Why?  Why do we do it at all?  It makes no sense to me.  No matter what I say or do…no matter how much I think I am in the right and I am speaking my truth in my now moment…others will disagree and decide they don’t share this so I must be crazy, I cannot be right and I must be a liar.  So, if we all aimlessly wander around squandering our precious energy proving right…proving wrong, screaming our truths and fighting to get to some place in time where none of this matters, what have we done?  Nothing.  Nothing.  This is not living. This is crazy ego machinations for the most part – yeah, that’s my truth.  I do not wish to fight to be right in my own mind…I do not wish to impose my truth on anyone and I don’t care about this moment or the next so much that I would expend lots of energy wasting breath defending or attempting to preserve what will pass too quickly.  I wish merely to open the eyes of folks to understand at some level that we all might need to agree to disagree and in so disagreeing no one must lose, surrender or feel wrong.  We assert ourselves in this world for validation…the ego needs that, the soul doesn’t…the soul is not confined by time, what is right or what the truth is.  In fact, the only thing that really matters to me is love and I don’t care if my perception of that is right…true or a reality for anyone.  I can hope and dream…I can wish that others may come to understand that they can all transcend these meaningless things and learn to follow the dictates of their soul, find healing, find peace and keep that with them in the now moment every single day of their lives.  We can skirt this ridiculous set of seeming paradoxes by refusing to participate in proving they do or do not exist.  We can stop the ego in its tracks by refusing to allow it to seek its own righteousness.  We can teach the ego that its only truth is that it will fight to cut you off from love every step of the way…in and out of time…time and time again.

I think I burned too many brain cells during my meditation but when I came to, I realized I have no need to embrace all of the truths of this world.  I need only believe I am okay with me by no one’s standards but my own and if my own standards lack by society’s graces, society will remove me to where I can cause no harm.  I realize also that I have no need to be right and that by being what others deem wrong, I lose absolutely nothing of who I am and that in this moment…always in the moment, there is nothing but love…there is no fight…there is no fear…I do not care about anything other than finding a space to breathe, the freedom to love and to look upon this world and do my best to understand what clearly I may never understand and yet, still, exist and live as I intended when I came here.  No matter what I say, I find this language confining other than the language of love.  Love needs no explanation to those who find themselves standing in that light.  It just is.   I won’t argue if I’m right or wrong…I won’t fight to claim this as truth, lie or misguided perception…this is me, my thoughts and my blog.  I just hope something in this one makes someone stop and think outside the scope of the ego for just one moment…at some point in time…and that love shines beautiful light where it will…always.  That’s the truth and it’s my right to say so. J

Blessings and love…

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