Friday, June 10, 2011

Light Within the Darkness

I have seen the darkness
I have felt the cold chill of its touch
I’ve stood there frozen in times past
While feeling my life force
Slowly drained away
I remember feeling lost
Everything so bewildering
When all was seemingly irretrievably lost
I felt the faintest glimmer of hope
A gentle light within
Spoke softly above the din
And all of the darkening thoughts went silent
Suddenly I heard the whispers
That were always meant for me
Like a strong hand ready
To lift me up and out
I surrendered
And found myself born anew
In a place where sunlight
And moonlight converged
And the deepest of love
Caused ripples on the water
And mountains to shake
Gently it spoke – Awaken dear soul
You have arrived
You mastered your way through the gates of pain
Your wounds surrendered
For the light of love
Arise Dear Soul
Awaken dear soul
Remember yourself dear one
Its time now to go

© June 2011, Jaie Hart

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