Saturday, June 18, 2011


Diffused light
Comes to life in the darkness
Chasing shadows across the sky
And I, I’m here watching the play again
Wakeful dreaming once again
For no other reason
Than the sheer joy of presence
In the morning hours
I find a great rejuvenation
Rested after a night’s repose
Hopeful when the new day dawns
I will awaken a little more and a little more
This can seem a strange world at times
But one glance at the play of light
As the morning sun rises above the mountain tops
The colorful display
Reminds me of how simple life can be
How beautiful, magical and even fragile
For in a single moment
The flash of bold and beautiful colors
Dissipates slowly into simple cerulean blue
And a moment of sheer beauty has come and gone
But it returns again and again
Each day we awaken and learn anew
Some things we can count on
Some things continually change
And who are we to judge it all any way
Mere mortal humans
Playing with concepts we think we understand
With our logic and reason we claim the truth
If I want the truth
I’ll watch the sun rise and feel it

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