Friday, June 10, 2011

Perceiving Darkness - Venturing Into the Light

It may be a bit unpopular, but I am of the sincere opinion that darkness is not the terrible and bad thing we are taught to think it is. Darkness is not necessarily a thing unto itself but rather a temporary absence of light, at least from the point of our perception. To stand in that darkness and feel every aspect of it's seeming existence, to surrender to it completely not in a state of "doing-ness" but in a state of "being-ness," one does not lose a thing but misconception of the purpose of darkness. Dark nights of the soul are not a curse or an episode of karma being paid by a soul for some collection of seeming misdeeds. They are brief moments of forgetting designed specifically to allow a soul to find a way to bring back his or her own light into his or her own very valuable perception. Only in complete darkness can we truly appreciate our own Source-given light...bring it back to full existence that will eventually, again, begin to permeate the all of everything we perceive. Choosing to not see the light leaves us in darkness. Choosing to reopen our hearts, minds and souls to the light is the beginning of remembrance. We are never anything other than who we are...beings of light and love. We can be nothing other but amnesia sets in willingly sometimes and so we must find our way through the darkness we, ourselves, create and eventually, the light will shine once again from within and clear away all of the seeming darkness we temporarily created...truly, for no other purpose than to remind us of who and what we really are. We are not the superficial and trivial things or labels this world would have us believe we are. We are divine in our own right. We were made that way. We will always be that whether we choose to remember or not. We can live in light or darkness as we so choose. Its up to think otherwise is to embrace the illusion as reality. That is such a tragedy!  The ego's pull is so hard to over come but it can be our greatest teacher.  Seek to understand the subtle nuances of what you hear about as the "great illusion."  There is no illusion other than what we give credence darkness...spiritual darkness, physical darkness is unreal...light will prove this truth over and over again.  Let your light shine dear ones and be not deterred by those temporary things which seem to block your ability to emit that.  ~Love and Light~

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