Sunday, June 5, 2011

Give Up The Blame Game

Blame…such an interesting concept.  Yes, Virginia, bad things do happen sometimes to good people and those good people will typically recover just fine in time…unless…unless they decide to align themselves as victims of this world taking no accountability for their predicament and live in the painful  murky shadow of the perpetually victimized persona.  People do stupid things sometimes that consequently hurt us.  But, we always have the power to invoke our accountability despite being the victim to stand up for ourselves and do something that will make us feel good.  I’m not talking about getting even or any form of revenge.  I’m talking about consciously striving to realize the lesson of painful interactions, refusing to engage in the blame game and refusing to align or resonate with the victim persona for more than a couple of minutes (Gotta be real, we do need to go through this for a minute but we simply CANNOT stay in that shadow).   So, no matter what happens, know that you are empowered to control you, your thoughts and your actions.  The rest is just out of your control.  Never mind convincing the world about how evil people are…let it go…forgive them, forgive yourselves and live, learn and love only!

(c) article/artwork June 2011, Jaie Hart

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