Sunday, June 12, 2011


How can you live in a world without hope
Or go through the day seeing nothing but darkness
I know we all seek deeper meaning at some level
Deep down inside we yearn
For that feeling of home
And its only illusory thoughts
We allow to exist in this world
That tells us we cannot have that
Right here and right now
I’ve felt those stirrings
Of not wanting to be here
Of wanting to go home
But its those moments that I know
I have succumbed to the unreal
Giving ethereal imaginings credence
I have given birth to conflict
From within my own heart
But this, I do know
I wanted to be here
Or I would simply and suddenly
Cease to exist at all
We all hold that power
And have a divine right to be here
Embrace that truth
And the love from within you
Will bring you safely
And so beautifully…

© June 2011, Jaie Hart (photo and poem)

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