Friday, June 17, 2011

Humbly at Peace

Gray sky morning again
No rays of sunlight to warm my skin
Sipping hot coffee and listening to the birds sing
Consciousness craving a journey far and wide
I submit to its desire with a deep breath and a sigh
It’s a beautiful world I walk within
The hills and valleys never more than I can handle
I’m grateful really – deep down in the heart of me
Time is such a funny thing to me
It matters only when something is missing
And you find yourself in a state of waiting
A cool breeze blows and I let it all go
I smile from somewhere deep down inside
Knowing, understanding and feeling compassion for everything
This state… this life… it’s pure magic when you let it be
Worries are nothing but borrowing imagined trouble
I don’t understand sometimes why we give it focus so much
But then again, I do…we all do it from a place of fear
Fear that what we want and love won’t remain ours quite long enough
Time runs out no matter how hard you try
I don’t mean to sound defeatist
I’m a realistic optimist
I know in life there are just some things, plans and dreams
That a soul must let go of in a state of grace
Not with a dark heart but with a heart filled with hope
That by letting go of fear, letting go of what you hope will remain
Will take on a new life and love
Breathe deeply in the larger scheme of a magical existence
And claim every happiness as a beautiful victory
It is that you know, happiness…it is a victory…
A victory over self
I come back to my little world again
I open my eyes and drink it all in
I remain humbly at peace

(c) photo/poem June, 2011 - Jaie Hart

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