Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your Hand In Mine

Let us make bare foot prints in summer morning dew covered grasses
We can while away the hours in play and sheer bliss
A summer picnic in the glorious sunlight
Dancing and jumping in between the forest shadows
Let us walk until we find a patch of flowers
We can sit and weave a crown of daisies bright white
And wear them like kings and queens of yesteryear
We can finish each other's sentences
And laugh at the wonder that its even possible
Take me away to the gardens of old
Wisteria falls in lavender bunches
Jasmine and rose, iris in full bloom
Soaking in the beauty of nature's full glory
Let us smile so happy in love
Free flowing exchange of sweet energies
Then lie down in the grass and stare up at the clouds
Comment on angel and dinosaur shapes
Not caring at all with your hand in mine

(c) May 2011 (Photo/Picture) Jaie Hart

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