Friday, November 21, 2008

Liquid Glass

The Pacific looks like liquid glass interrupted by periodic waves falling gently onto the shore with a silent hissing sound. It’s peaceful even with the prolific hum of shiny metal boxes speeding by carrying their inhabitants somewhere. It’s amazing how the waves curl like little tubes of glass. I’ve not seen it like this in a while. It’s foggy just offshore so that you can’t see where the ocean ends and the sky begins. On land, the sky looks like a bright gray light, the sun dispelling momentary mists a bit. It’s cool out this morning but not uncomfortably so.

I notice all the foot prints in the sand. Each one representing a small journey taken by hundreds of people in days just past. I think about them and wonder about the universe each is the center of. We’re all the center of our own universes, the populace joining mini galaxies traversing the surface of this third rock from the sun, swirling, spinning through space with no concept of what for…no reason…no seeming purpose.

We just seem to go on day in and day out until we can go no longer, at least not in this frame. And then what? I wish I knew but then again, perhaps its better I don’t. Maybe the illusion of my own existence is enough of a toy to play with. I think maybe I don’t want to know the meaning of life. What if its futile, what then? How would I find the courage to get up and breathe? How would I maintain the emotional constitution to live it? I think maybe I would for love…the love for my children. I think I’d go on for them and maybe try my best to paint a compelling vision or frame-work to make them want to exist.

I guess that’s your role as a parental unit…to continue to paint a compelling reason for each of the souls you brought into this world to fight to exist amongst adversity and chaos. Maybe point out that there are miracles and laughter too to look forward to and participate in with all of their might and all of their being. Maybe that’s the real meaning of life. I just don’t know.

For now, I’ll let such thoughts go and I’m going to take a walk in warm sunlight, watch the dolphins float through the water, glide onto the top of the waves and dive down under again. Such peace, such simple beauty. Life is truly amazing as long as you continue to look at your world and your existence through filters of wonder despite any pain. That’s it. Those are my thoughts for today. Be peaceful.

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