Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

I stepped outside tonight and looked up at the stars. They are the same stars that have been there forever and ever. Life changes here day in and day out, people come and people go and still the sky remains unchanged for the most part. It’s cold out tonight and I can still see the remnants of tonight’s sunset as the few clouds in the sky are etched in fiery light. I’m reminded of so much tonight—hopes, dreams and even loss and disappointment. No matter where we go or where we are, the days go by, the sky grows dark, the stars come out. We go to sleep and dream new dreams, wake up to the sun and do it all over again.

Tonight I’m feeling a little empty. Like a little sadness from another time or another life has risen to the surface for some reason. I’ll acknowledge it here just for a moment and then release it and all associated with it and tonight I’ll say good night to the stars and I’ll go to sleep and dream new dreams and when tomorrow comes, I’ll wake up and find the sun. I’ll smile at leaving empty thoughts and dreams behind and begin a new adventure as I do every day. I’ve got my thoughts to own and create in the positive for the many things I wish drawn to me.

But before then I wish to send up some prayer smoke…into the night for those tired and weary souls who have become so lost on this journey that they feed off of the innocent, they lie and hurt people like it means nothing. It brings me great pain to know how much of that exists in the world. People who hurt --hurt so revenge just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I guess that’s why tonight my prayers go up for the misguided souls that walk this earth wounded, they walk this earth ruthless and even subtly creating a heavy wake of pain and they think nothing of themselves so cannot hold others in any level of normal regard. That, my friends, is the real tragedy. My prayers go up and out for healing for the perpetrators, healing for those that the wounded have wounded and my prayers go up and out further that the light workers that now walk the earth will increase in number so a greater difference can be made now.

In my prayers also are all of you who find your way to this article. As you read the words know that somewhere someone loves you, wishes they could see you, be there for you, heal you and see your dreams come true. Those thoughts just for you, blended with your own to see your dreams come true really can bring you happiness. Believe. Never give up hope. Always look for the sun.
I wish you many blessings and that all love possible manifests in your reality now.

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