Friday, March 26, 2010

Peaceful Journey

Sitting in the grass, eyes closed in the morning sunlight. I feel the warmth sinking in and hear the wind chimes again, haunting and beautiful melody in a cool sea breeze. My mind drifts away across the land to another place. A place I’d like to see and one day will. Then it floats gently back to days and words of recent past and I smile from somewhere so deep inside that it feels like magic. There are just moments like these when everything in life seems like a gift.

I spent the early morning hours at the coast…in my favorite spot…coffee in one hand; camera in the other. The swells were larger than life and I felt them inside, emotions so deep and peaceful and then the waves crested and crashed onto the shore so powerfully. I watched in awe as Mother Nature entertained me but she wasn’t done yet. A fleeting glance across the teal horizon brought me an amazing gift. ..a school of dolphins far out at sea. I watched them swim straight to the shore where I was quietly contemplating life. I was completely captivated by their graceful movement in the water and watched with happy tears as they played gently in the waves of the Pacific. They almost came all the way up to the break waters in front of me and there was one that leaped out of the water with a breaking wave. Good morning I thought! What a beautiful, magical and peaceful sight!

If you don’t take time out of your life for simple pleasures, life will pass you by and that’s not a good thing. There is so much beauty in this world to see if you’d only stop and look, wait, listen and enjoy. I’m grateful today for my little time out from the world. I’ve so much on my mind, burdens and worries, laughter and sweet emotion. It’s really a good place to be all in all but I needed this time out to collect my thoughts, become grounded again in nature and sit silently while she spoke to me in colors, in the breeze and wonderful sunlight.

I hope you have a peaceful day, weekend and life. Do something wonderful for you just because you can. I hope you reap the joy of a random act of kindness given or received today. Be well and happy on your journey!

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