Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Faith, Trust and Fear

Standing in the dark…watching pale blue turn indigo and all at once, the stars seem to flick on.  It’s a perfectly cool evening in my little corner of the world and I have many things on my mind.  I like to sit outside with my lap top sometimes because its so peaceful.  My wind chimes, again…that beautiful haunting tune, people in cars rushing to some unknown destination, dogs barking and a few birds taking one last flight before the light is complete consumed by the dark.
I’m contemplative tonight.  I’m thinking about the world and people near and far.  I’m thinking about old friends and new friends.  I’m thinking about words we toss around so much like faith, love and trust.  This world presents us with a limitless volume of opportunities to learn something really good but how often are we just not paying attention?  I look back sometimes just to see if I’ve come as far as I set out to right before I begin any new journey.  I always seem so surprised looking back and seeing the things I missed and then in that instant, reality dawns on a somewhat sleeping mind…I got it!  I just got that lesson!  I love when that happens. 
I won’t dive into love tonight.  I’ll save that one for another time but I will say I’m learning the true meaning of that word every corner I turn and every step that I take on my journey.  That is a very good feeling.  Tonight I wanted to focus on faith and trust and maybe, just maybe touch upon fear a little bit.  Whenever we start something new, we start to think of those words…faith, trust and fear.  How much faith do we really have in us…how much trust do we really have in the plan that is our life and how much will we really let fear hold us back?  The answers are different for each of us but we should think about these things.  They really are important in ways you might not in this moment understand.  But I’ll leave you with some of my thoughts on these as they apply specifically to me right now.
1.        Trust until you can trust no more – I have plenty of reasons not to trust anyone or anything and if I hold onto that sentiment, all around me will seem untrustworthy.  I can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I trust.  That’s that!
2.       Always have faith in yourself—I have plenty of reasons to doubt my faith in my own abilities and if I hold onto that sentiment, all around me will leave me with nothing but doubt.  I can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I have faith in me and faith in the plan that is my life.
3.       Fear is just another opportunity to show courage—I have every reason to be fearful right now and if I hold onto myself, no telling what kind of nightmares might show up on my path to prove my fear right.  But, I just can’t live like that so I’m making a decision…a choice…I am unafraid to be on the path I am on…I’m at the crossroads of a beautiful new journey and I take each step without fear just because I can.
So, all of these things are so relevant in my life just now but I am not afraid, I do trust and I’ve not only got faith in myself and my Maker, I’ve got faith in love…from both within and without.  That’s enough for now.  I hope you’re having a peaceful rest from your journey this evening.  Be peaceful.  Sweet dreams.

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