Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I watched the sun set tonight.  The sky was pale peach, pink and blue.  The breeze was blowing through the palm trees.  When I closed my eyes it sounded just like a waterfall.  It sounded so beautiful and it felt so soothing.  The weight of this world can seem sometimes like such a burden to carry and while I do not mean to wax religious on you (as I am never that) you can turn your worries over to the Big Guy upstairs (or insert your choice of divine entity here).  Whether you believe or you don’t, the concept is simple:  What does worry ever accomplish?  You guessed it, nothing but adding to ulcers, sleepless nights, over-eating, over-indulging and many other unhealthy activities and states of mind.  So, the trick is to get yourself out into nature if only for just a few moments.  Sit quietly, close your eyes and drink in the delicious sounds.  Who cares if you are in the city, close your eyes and pretend you’re in a lush green canopied forest, imagine the breeze blowing through the palms or the leaves on trees is trickling water, a meandering stream with a beautiful waterfall, imagine voices as birds singing in the sky and the hum could be the breathing of the Earth.

We cannot sustain multi-tasking for long.  We are not machines.  It is so important that you always nourish your soul.  Believe it or not, we were never meant to spend so much time away from nature, away from our roots and away from this land that we connect with.  Sometimes technology is such a gift (one I appreciate as I sit here quietly on my patio typing on a lap top computer) but it can lead us to do too much and sacrifice ourselves in the process.  It’s not bad to dive into technology.  What’s bad is forgetting that you are connected to the Earth and to each other as you take each step on the path that is your life.

I breathe in deep always at the last glimpses of fading sunlight light.  It’s like my soul is thirsty for something delicious and in such moments I find my thirst sated.  It doesn’t take much to find the beautiful gentleness to fill your soul but it is made all the sweeter if you treat it as a special gift you give to yourself and a gift you give with all the love in the world!

I hope you have a beautiful night.  Sleep well, breathe deep, sweet dreams.

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