Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep Walking

The morning air carries a bit of a chill. It seems out of sync with all of the birds sweetly singing the sun awake. The sky holds pale inspiration in blues and pinks as the sun makes her silent ascent. The bare naked trees are already beginning to bring forth new life as we near the brink of Spring time. This Winter was a long and cold one but it brought much learning and awareness. The world can seem a sinister place sometimes but in such moments, I call to mind the beauty of the morning and welcome the thoughts of a brand new day.

Negative things do happen in life. Things that seem to squeeze you so hard it feels like your breath is being taken away. But during such times, your strength is merely being tested. You’re being coaxed actually not to surrender, give in or give up but to stand taller, square your shoulders and meet whatever adversity finds it way to you with positive thoughts and intentions to overcome. There are some in the world that may seek to deter you from your path. When you find yourself at that part of the journey, it’s time to consider carefully whether you are truly on the right path and if you are, keep going even if the winds speed intensely at you, if a deluge seems to surround you and just keep taking step after step knowing with all of your heart and your soul that the storm will pass and again you will walk in the sunlight.

Drink in as much beauty as you can where ever you can. It’s that beauty and that immense feeling of pleasure that will carry you when dark seeming times bring storm clouds covering your every move. Be strong and courageous and never give up your dreams. Always and ever strive to see them through in a positive light…even it if seems you are making no headway. Set your intent and do not be deterred…just make sure your steps follow the right path, a healthy path, a good path and all will be well.

For those who would see you deterred out of fear, do not hold them in harsh judgment or angry thoughts. It is those same souls that spawn creativity within you provided you do not sink to their level of inflicting pain. Others may attempt to derail you and drive doubt deep into your heart for their own pleasure at your pain. Think nothing of them. Acknowledge the truth of where their misguided efforts come from and trust your God, Goddess, Maker or Creator to remove them from your path gently so you can proceed as you were meant to.

Each soul has a journey to make here incarnate. They can choose to remain in the dream or to awaken. It’s not your job to become their guru. Acknowledge them and just keep walking. There are times you must leave others to decide for themselves whether they will do the right thing or whether they will remain mired in deep and dark illusion. So, I say, go on and keep walking and know your journey will be fruitful. Follow the path of light and love and the Universe will bring you much success. Many blessings to you all. The Journey is the Destination!

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