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No Problem

Why does it seem that we have so many problems in our lives to deal with? It sometimes seems we have way more to contend with than we can possibly handle and this can result in anxiety, stress, insomnia and even depression.

Giving considerable thought to these symptoms and their multiple and varied origins and knowing how within our Consciousness we create, I wonder if it is just something as simple as “we’ve got it all wrong.” We watch how our lives are supposed to be from television, books, movies and even what those around us represent to us as the best case scenario for living and finding happiness. But what if we realized the truth that these things are only idealized potentials and that if we strive for someone else’s ideal of the perfect life or happiness, we may actually find ourselves quite disheartened? That isn’t what we’re here for.

 We haven’t come all this way in our evolution and development to settle for someone else’s perfect version of what our reality should be, I think. Look around you and see what this approach is getting us. Every day we’re becoming more aware of the growing symptoms of personality disorders. Even the DSM V sites more psychological disorders today than ever before. The DSM is, “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) … widely known as the bible of psychiatry and psychology,” (n.p. Tartakovsky,

Now, having cited this I realize that perhaps this knowledge is simply a part of the deepening of our understanding due to the increasing availability of information more quickly. However, certain disorders or behaviors still seem to be on the rise such as those in the anti-social or sociopathic category. But what if we’ve still not even scratched the surface of the true problems that ail humanity? Consider this if you will, I have posited before that the Ego is the Veil. Meaning that I lean towards the theory that our egos are that part of our consciousness that meets physical reality. If there is a bigger part of our Consciousness that remains not in physically manifested three-dimensional reality, then maybe behavioral issues stemming from the ego are an unintended (or unconsciously intended) consequence of our being here, generally speaking. 

 So, if we begin from this premise that the ego is the reason we are in the physical, and when in the physical, we don’t understand the whole of our true Conscious capabilities, I could understand how some could wax either more sensitive with the realization of the possibility or its opposite, not sensitive at all in the absence of the realization of the possibility. I see all of these things as coping mechanisms related not just to life and our experiences from childhood but that sometimes the level of discontent and ill-behavior grows simply from our lack of understanding of what it is that we are.

So, we have an ego that projects our focus here where we are physical, experience the physical, encounter egoic emotion and if we remain aware, we can still experience the ethereal. Now, those of us still engrossed in entertaining that the physical is the ONLY reality may never awaken to the ethereal components of our larger Consciousness and they may begin to label, make-fun of or find other ways to hide out in pure science or psychological bad behavior alone to prove their own ego’s version of reality and all that will seem to do is perpetuate this ill behavior we so often see demonstrated within humanity. I’m a compassionate soul and have to believe there is a reason for this behavior, for this seemingly limited thinking and why some of those in the know may find our make-up and lack of awareness quite convenient. 

 I’m not going to dive into conspiracy theories here. I dare not put any good energy towards that. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of those with supreme knowledge and those who are lost to that knowledge (at least temporarily). What I do know is that there is a collective of memories, thoughts and knowledge available to humanity. At any time one can merely observe their own thoughts to realize we are not so simply defined. We cannot even completely define consciousness itself unless we begin to break it down into very small, agreeably identifiable component parts (we can’t do that yet, at least not entirely). Even if were able to identify all of the component parts, due to the process of individuation of focus (materialization of our consciousness in the third-dimensional world), the challenges of living we’ve all been through in our own unique ways would have us view the findings only through the perspective of our own life experience. The way we are generally made up would have us believe our own perceptions as truth whether or not that truth was provisional.  

I have learned in life that we can experience so many problems, challenges and pain as we try to make it through the day living up to ideals presented for us to hold and believe in. But what if the things in our lives are not problems to solve at all? What if that concept or framework of operation is the problem and prevents us from truly knowing ourselves and the beauty that life has to offer? What if we fearlessly engaged in serious inquiry of the origins of our own beliefs, understood them and then realized there is no need to fight for someone else’s version of reality or even defend our own? What if you discovered that the way things are here as we see and experience them right now is just exactly the way they are supposed to be? What if you knew you had a choice in terms of labeling, judging, hating, dividing, conquering or accepting, holding compassion, understanding, allowing and appreciating the diversity of life here and the full scope of potential experiences you have in order to better understand your life lessons? What would that do to your problems? Would that put them in a different category that might cause you to react differently towards?

Would you begin to see the behavior in others that drives you mad is not the impetus for you to engage in a campaign to change others but to seek greater understanding and wisdom within yourselves? The irritating factors that occur to us from others does not exist so that we can allow the frustration to take up residence within our heads to our detriment. On the contrary. They are messages only to remind us that we have a choice in how we view things, even if we have to struggle a few days to gain a more positive perspectives.

So much is possible in this world. If we could shift our perspectives we could endeavor to engage in more richly rewarding discourses and interaction with all of life here on planet Earth…here in the Earth School. We could see the world with new eyes, hear the music of life with new ears and feel the truth of everything with a sensory perception unaided by limited psychological labels for experiences. We could transform misery into beauty in the span of a heart-beat if we but took the time to learn how to stand in the center of the light of our own beautiful Consciousness and realize that we are one in so many ways. Or, we could just continue with the drudgery, the pain, the bleak and stark expanses of some of the roadways of life. The choice of perspective belongs to each of us alone. 

That’s the beauty of life I suppose. There isn’t really a wrong way or a right way. I think being here at all has the consequence of symptomatic expression of “malware” we’ve had unconsciously installed in our minds from very early on. I’m referring to the beliefs that were created about ourselves and the world that came from outside in and remained resident in our psyches without our understanding it was that very same "malware" that we have always operated from. That "malware" skews our vision and makes the truth awfully difficult to perceive definitively. I guess maybe that part of the fun is learning to spot our false premises and then striving to transcend them. It is in the journey that we find our greatest rewards and not necessarily in the attaining of a destination, thing or whatever it is you can think of.

In a way, we are already very Consciously Aware and Awake, we just have chosen not to acknowledge that yet or maybe we haven't yet learned how to remember that fact. Each in his or her own time, I continually remind myself and remind myself with much gratitude. I love life and humanity. The beauty and diversity of existence here is just beyond words. It’s miraculous, amazing, inspiring… even on those dark nights or during dark seeming times. Things change, we always grow and everything is forever in motion. It's not a problem. It's just life.

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© 2014 J.L. Harter, PhD

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