Sunday, October 19, 2014

Protect the Flame

We live in a world where we must teach our children not to talk to strangers.  We live in a world where women are in fear walking down the street when a stranger innocently says hello or pays them a genuine complement.  We live in a world where people are forced to hide their true natures in fear of social ridicule.  We live in a world where corporate profits are put ahead of people.  We live in a world where the poor are penalized more due to psychological practices intended to make the forgetful remember.  We have people living on streets who have jobs.  We have people who want to work and can find none.  At the same time, we still have builders building near million dollar suburban homes in areas where no one can afford to buy.  We live in a world where people think only in fear, think only of getting theirs first, of ignoring the victims because they must be at fault.  We consider that because people choose differently than we do, they must be wrong, inconsiderate or ignorant.  We fear other cultures, different skin colors and religions.  We fear oppression while we do just that, oppress.  It’s a death spiral of a great civilization.

I’m considered to have come from privilege just because of the color of my skin but I tell you I have not.  My parents couldn’t hold jobs in the 1970’s and 80’s.  For various reasons only some of which were within their power to control.  Were it not for my Grandmothers, we would have starved on more than one occasion.  We grew up rarely going to doctors and I can’t remember ever receiving but 1 or maybe 2 immunizations as a child.  They weren’t necessary because I had already gotten some of the diseases they would normally protect against…chicken pox, mumps.  My parents couldn’t afford doctor’s bills.  They could afford cigarettes and alcohol though, the only things that seemed to bring them comfort.  We ate Wonder Bread and Ketchup or Miracle Whip sandwiches sometimes because that is all that was left after the food from the food stamps ran out and were glad to have them.   I understand so much, you have no idea how much I understand and can see.  The malware running rampant in the psyches of the world’s inhabitants goes undetected by the thousands and thousands of hosts who perpetuate the ignorance installed in the human operating systems.  They can’t help it until they learn that it's there to begin with and then strive to understand that something may be amiss because of it.  They have to move through the layers of obscurity that hides the truth deep within them.

This is by no means a perfect world but we keep traveling down the same old highways, the well-worn and beaten paths and wondering why things never seem to change.  If we continue to focus as victims, we cannot break free of the frame.  Until we can learn the truth of ourselves, we cannot break this cycle of fear and pain.  It’s a game where many of us are set up to lose and lose because we do not understand the rules of engagement.  To top it off is the reality that so many do not wish to learn.  We have wealth in this world, unimaginable wealth and yet, we have people dying of starvation.  We have people running around this world unaware that a virus has entered their minds thinking in frameworks that will only lead to decay, apathy and death.  We’re so much better than this but we must realize the way.  The way can never be found by extinguishing one single light of another.  One flame can ignite thousands provided you don’t let someone steal that flame or blow it out.  Just one flame is all it takes.  You all have that flame burning right inside of the core of your beautiful hearts.  Maybe you can’t see it but I do.  I see it and I pray with everything in me that your flames are protected and that when you go out into the world with your daily activities that your flame ignites another and that one ignites yet others.  We can shift the tides through understanding, compassion and accountability…add to that integrity for just the right seasoning to create an even greater flavor or taste of life…dress it up with honor and honesty too while you’re at it.  Clean up your own messes or learn to see that you are creating them.  Seek help.  Be vigilant.  Be blessed.

Let us consider whether we can adjust our approach to life with a new vision, a new plan that does not base its bias on victimhood or that does not seek vengeance for a past that cannot be undone.  Let us open our hearts to understanding and compassion and paint a new vision of our world, hand in hand, brother to brother, sister to sister in gratitude and appreciation for our differences rather than forcing our ways on another out of nothing but fear and fabrication.  We can do this if only there is a will to do so.  Once there is a will to do so, humanity will find a way and in that way, there will still be challenges great and small but in the spirit of love, cooperation and collaboration, we can transform our fears, channel our anger and hurt into great beauty.  If only we could find the will to want.  So, please want.  Humanity needs you.

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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