Friday, October 10, 2014

Solace of Nature's Graces

 The waning moon hung larger than life in a pale blue Western morning sky.  Near directly across in the East came the sun with her fiery white golden orange rays streaking the clouds in watercolor delight.  “Such amazing beauty,” I thought to myself as I gazed East into the sunrise.  Staying present in the moment was not so difficult with such beauty to behold.  The miracle of the Earth turning with her moon traversing its daily orbital trajectory did not pass through my mind unnoticed.  With so much beauty and amazing aspects of existence to contend with, I wondered about all the things in my life I did repeatedly that seemed to kill my spirit little by little, day after day, month after month, year after many a year.  “Why would you do a thing you did not want to do at all,” one might ask.  There are reasons, endless ones.  Sacrifices made in a way; blessings garnered in so many others.

This is a strange and wondrous world we live in and this time or rather this age in which we have all chosen to become physical is no accident.  I’ve never given credence to the random creation theories whether or not aspects can be proven.  I don’t buy the biblical depictions either because they are too shortsighted and proven unreliable.  You might think me an atheist with such thoughts.  But honestly, I don’t think I am.  I just have my own hypotheses to contend with such as my Creator’s Creators Creators…and beyond that, the Source.  I don’t understand much of this world but I do understand humanity.  I can see the pain and the love interchangeably.  I can see the dichotomy in a single thought and action…I can feel the degrees of potentialities beyond that which is simply manifested.  But what do I do with such thoughts on such a glorious occasion as a beloved morning off with no place to go?  With a head full of understanding and a heavy heart for having to contend with what I contend with settles in for a moment.  I think I see it is I who is in need of a vast adjustment in the realm of some deep seated expectation that life should be filled with much less conflict than it is.  My intellect and experience even proves to me the benefit of daily conflict -- the growth that comes from it…the understanding that is ever expanding along with compassion.

I’m tired I think.  I’m tired of moving.  I’m tired of standing still.  I could lie down and close my eyes for another hundred years and awaken to find the environment changed but humanity is still the same.  There will always be those that grow ever more aware in their Consciousness and for that fact, I’m infinitely grateful.  But still a part of me considers a long and dreamless sleep much like the trees that shed their leaves, grow still as summer breezes fall and branches laid bare only to weather the storms of Wintertime.  But even in their slumber, the time of rebirth is always at hand in the few weeks that stretch into months until Spring.  In every second is a moment of rebirth…and yet in this one it seems frozen…extended…but the feeling is unimaginably beautiful…resolute peace despite seeming chaos.  I wonder what tomorrow might bring and remember instead the chores of the day waiting… waiting to be completed.  Is that what we are or why we are here?  Waiting to become completed in some way we don’t yet understand?  I have no answers for you.  Just my musings and ramblings from a mind tired from too much multi-tasking.  

 I watched the sunrise this morning from a park in the middle of a little neighborhood housing tract.  The low-lying mist swirled on the ground as I made my way through the grass for the perfect spot to take just one shot.  Instead, I took two, one of the moon and another of the sun and then a few more.  Such beauty there was in the space between each shot.  It reminded me of so many things that my mind could not take in a single additional thought.  So, instead I opened my heart and took in volumes in the weight of their feelings.  I stood there alone in the cool misty morning, sky turning orange, moon setting slowly.  I smiled as a single ray of orange light crossed the expanse of sky and touched the ground before me.  Beautiful journey...tiring journey...blessed journey, I thought as I gazed once more at the sky.  I think I need a little more sky time so I’m off to another treasured spot for some solace of nature’s grace.  I wish you great blessings of faith beautiful dreamers.  Consider something I learned so very long ago. The keys to the ultimate healing of your hearts can be more easily found in striving to see the beauty of this world and in humanity than in the weakness or indignity of blame and the embracing of any moment of disdain.

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photos and words)

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