Friday, October 31, 2014

Sunlight Drive


Electric blue and neon pink paints the sky as I go
Rushing in and out the cars before me on the drive
Cool is the air coming in through the window
Beethoven lilting haunting melody inside
Happy day, I think to myself
While moving clearly in chaos with one look at my surrounds
The sky is on fire with unbelievable light
The blue turning pale and brighter
As the neon pink fades to fiery orange and then gold
The dark mountain in the distance etched black
Against the rising sun and I wonder about the day
I wonder about this life
Such beauty life can hold
Such tragedy can it too
The dichotomy poignant
But so often unnoticed
How much else is there unnoticed
As we walk our days asleep
It doesn’t matter, I think to myself
Look at this sky, this magic awe inspiring sky
How could anything so beautiful exist here?
Here of all places?
And there it is again
Ugly gray free way
Dirty cars, seemingly rude and frantic drivers
Rushing to become enslaved for yet another day in paradise
All the while the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen unfolds
I feel like a child on Christmas eve just watching the display
And I look at my fellow members of humanity on the road
I wish them well, safety and love
And I pull into my destination

© 2014 J.L. Harter (photo/words)

I love it when something as mundane as a drive to work turns into a creative work.  I wish I could have taken a picture of that sky.  Never before have I seen anything so beautiful.  I think the point is that we must always look towards that which uplifts us.  There is plenty here to be bothered about but if that is all you focus on, your experience will lack in amazing flavors.  There is such an amazing connection to feelings within and what materializes without.  We are all full of dichotomy as is this world.  If we spent more time reflecting on the purpose of it and what we truly gain immeasurably from it, I think there'd be less harm in this world pulling the pendulum ever-wider.  But I am a hopeless dreamer.  Blessings for a beautiful day!

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