Saturday, March 30, 2013

They're Finished!

My two latest books have finally been completed.  Details below if you're interested.

Love's Eternal Reflections is a collection of poetry. The forth and possibly final in my Reflections Series.    Where would we be without reflecting on love in all of its splendor and magic?  In this life, love can flow easily if and when you are ready and willing to let it.  So, let it...every day and in every way.  If you think that in some way you may be missing love, start deep within you and look for it.  It's there and when you finally find it, you will see love everywhere you look.  :)  Book information is below:

Link for Purchase or Details (Click here)

Expanding Horizons begins where Changing Perspectives left off...expanding on the concepts previously shared along with adding a few new tools and suggestions.  Expanding Horizons is for the spiritual traveler seeking to learn about his or her path in life, the things to look for, the tools to assist on the journey and the perspectives to open your mind to hold that will hopefully enrich the spiritual seeker's journey.


  1. Congratulations on your new books Jaie! Wishing you every success...