Friday, March 29, 2013

Illusion and Progress

If there were one thing I wish I could impart to you so that you could really feel the depth of it, it would be that although we compare and contrast ourselves to everyone and everything around us, it does nothing to make us better than we are.  The ego likes to think its better looking, smarter and dresses way better than that person over there and so, it must truly be great and by far, superior.  The funny thing is that the soul over there and the soul in you doing the real observing in life is already great.  Its just that it is quite possible that neither entity knows the truth of these words just yet.  All humans on this planet are part of the same species.  We all eat, drink, think, love or try to.  We view this great big beautiful world differently only because our thoughts have been shaped drastically by the experiences we have held.  If our hearts have been broken, we will see the world with very little trust.  If our bodies have been broken, we may see existence with so little light that we may never recover.  But, this world and it’s inhabitants is part of us.  We have existed and adapted to this world’s cold and very hot climes and throughout time, the times.  We have developed our intellects, our understanding sometimes, and our sense of self through our perspectives and when we remain open our perceptions will change and grow over time just like our world is ever unfolding and changing with its cycles.

What if you had the capacity to know that every person on this planet was special and an important contributor to the whole of existence in this space-time?  Yes, even THAT person over there that drives you absolutely crazy.  Even THEY are an important contributor in essence, in spirit, in energy, in action, with in action or in some other way that you are not yet able to discern or accurately perceive.  If you knew this though, even if you felt conflict by the actions of others, do you think you might still be able to rest easier knowing every person has his or her place here?  This is not a recipe for apathy but rather one that promotes living and then letting the living be and be as they are.  The only line I think I could ever draw is to restrain those who exercise their free will by circumventing the free will of others.  Spiritually, it would be grand to know that everyone could do anything they wanted here if and only if they did not in any way usurp the free will of another.  Some souls have not learned the dire self-consequences of eroding the free will of others.  They will ultimately answer for such behavior but while such souls are deeply  mired in the illusion that causes this behavior, I would move to have them removed from society at large so they could do no more harm.  Having said that, when I step back, I see how so many of us learn even from the bad behavior exhibited by others in this world.  I’m not suggesting I support the bad and negative things, please understand.  It’s just that I begin to grasp and understand the grand design of this place, this world as it exists within this particular dimension without changing a thing.

I truly believe that only a small portion of the essence of me is here in this space-time as an incarnate being.  If the essence of my repeated visions and dreams holds true, there are aspects of us in other places, Elsewhere and Elsewhere 2, I like to call them.  In the panorama of my visions and dreams, and maybe it is all just wishful thinking, but the souls are so loving, so compassionate and kind and they truly care to be mentoring, uplifting and seeking to educate where I truly wish to understand how and why we exist doing the things that we do.  Every soul has their place and purpose in this space-time and not one soul can be certain of the place and purpose of another.  And so, the little self digs in with the better than, greater than at the cost of judgment, negative feelings and commentary that does nothing but create a swirl of illusive, thick energy that a heart cannot feel its way through.  But, each soul can dissipate this thick wall of illusion and when they do, they begin to feel the love from inside and if they do not become afraid and they keep on going, they will begin to see the light and love in even THAT guy over there that seems to make everyone’s life so miserable.  We think we know what is best for another by what is best for ourselves.  In some cases, we may be right but in some cases we may be wrong.  If we do not know the soul path of another, what may be right for us could be dangerous for another’s pattern and path of learning.  Why would the left hand judge the right hand when it belongs to the same body system and has the same or similar purpose but just from another perspective?  There are reasons, it is for growth.  

When you begin to understand this, you can reach for higher and more rewarding lessons that makes your stay here in this world so very pleasant and wonderful.  If you are not in this place at this point in time but want to be, believe that you will be and pay attention to what you are learning and teaching.  If you take action in tune to the dictates of your soul rather than the ego (and you can feel the difference by tuning into your own body’s guidance system to guide you), you have already won half the battle. ~Blessings of great love, understanding, compassion and light beautiful souls.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find - painting is signed so you can trace it back to it's creator)


  1. the ego causes us so much anxiety, fear and sadness. to let go of the ego, and to live in the moment without judgment of others, we would all be truly happy.

    1. We come here with ego and soul for a reason. When we learn that ego is short-sighted and mired in fear, begin to separate and lean more towards the soul and love, life changes forever after. It can be lonely learning these things in a world with a trained focus on the superficial and egotistical pursuits for seeming success. I still choose soul over ego and even stating that, the ego takes pleasure. Sigh. :) Thanks for your comment. :)