Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank You

I watched the sunrise this morning
Clear blue sky as far as I could see
Chill of the morning awakens my senses
I feel a softness wash over me
As the rays of the sun light up my world
The absence of fear in my soul
Feels like the sun rising in my own heart
With everything within me that makes me me
I expand beyond the sky and Earth
I reach up into the stars that shine
And I know that I have returned home
Home inside of my own heart
Where Source placed a treasure great
And circumstance awakens it from too long sleeping
It is love that lights this universe
And we radiate like candles in a dark room
We are seen and heard without any words
And so much matters like never before
One shift, one thought that returns to love
And a soul is set free
Free to fly, to explore and to love
My body speaks now filled with light
And I see the sun as if for the first time
And I see my place in this space and time
Smiling I close my eyes and whisper, “Thank you.”

(c) 2011  (photo,

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