Friday, December 30, 2011

Dreaming Your Lives

Twenty years ago, I never would have imagined my life could be as it is now.  Things were more superficial seeming then or more accurately, I was more superficial then.  As many of us do for periods of our lives, I never even contemplated for long the fact that there are just more important things in this dream we refer to as life than the material and superficial.  

Life has much deeper meaning than we give it.  It’s important to find our place in this world and create for ourselves the things that we most need to exist within the rules of this collective framework we believe in.  It is infinitely interesting to me how we dream asleep and create unconsciously until we are driven hard to our own core of existence and then we begin to awaken from the dreams of our unconscious creations.  We begin to question why we have dreamed the things we have dreamed up to a certain point and then we slowly begin to understand.  That’s when the dream gets more interesting.

We slowly tear things apart to understand and attempt to fully comprehend the meaning of life and the depths of the meaning in our own lives.  If we begin to fully awaken, we start to understand that duality and non-duality exists at so many levels and dimensions of our thinking.  We realize that our creations here, even our very bodies are a dense collection of thoughts that we created to exist in this frame.   If you desire to continue with your awakening in this dream, you begin to understand we exist at many levels and in various dimensions.  Thought, dimension, levels and existence can become amazing tools for self-discovery.  That IS what this existence is all about really…to understand self and through self, the loving nature of everything…the complementary existence of dark and light and the importance at all levels of keeping balance.

The more we embrace the paths of our own existence, the more we seem to want to search the world outside of ourselves for answers to questions that always lie there patiently waiting inside of our own hearts.  We’re not taught how to search.  Some of us find our ways there through various doorways.  We come face to face daily with judgment and labels and yet, we do not know what it is we hold.  Like a baby playing with a complex electronic toy, we dabble in our lives not understanding.  The beautiful thing about this dream is that when we begin to awaken and become aware that we are dreaming and then ask for assistance, it magically appears on the path through people and scenarios that make the dream richer and more colorful and sometimes even more painful just to get our attention.  So many things serve as the compass that lead us back home to ourselves and we just don’t know it.

If you hunger for true and lasting change, consider letting go of the superficial understanding of your existence.  Instead, embrace the path you’ve walked up to this point accepting the fact that you have done everything you have done to perfect your learning and awaken to understanding within this dream.  In your sleepy state, you have unconsciously created a number of things in your lives to help you awaken and understand.  Don’t regret one moment of any of your creations.  They were perfect for their time, key to your personal development and doorways to returning home to the hearts of you.  Everything that has happened in your life has purpose and meaning.  Every person has crossed your path for ultimately GOOD reason.  Every situation, play and drama you have encountered has been designed by you to find yourself.  It’s very beautiful really.

When you awaken and become lucid within your dreams and you begin to consciously create, you begin to learn how powerful you really are and with that knowledge can come both joy and fear.  Find the love in the knowledge of your own power and you will find the greatest gifts of your existence.  Receive the love and blessings always intended for you.  Keep close to Source and put nothing between you and It and watch the way your dream unfolds differently.  

Seek the deeper understanding always and trust that it is, in fact, within you.  This will be particularly important as we move into our ever changing lives with intent and purpose.  You are the Consciousness behind the light you emanate in this world and your Consciousness is never limited by time, space nor distance.  Consciousness never dies so ultimately, nothing in this dream can really hurt you but you.  

Enjoy the entertaining aspects of the dream and keep it all in perspective with an intent to view the positive nature of everything.  Even pain can bring positive learning for you.  Trust yourselves to find your answers.  You will find them.  Have faith in yourselves and believe in yourselves without question.  Seek always the love from within you and to emanate that in your lives every day and you’ll find yourself surrounded by amazing beauty and joy to facilitate a greater existence for you. 

(c) 2011 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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